The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

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A good Friday at RAM

  • When: 04/19/2019
  • QIC: HBC
  • The PAX: Plank, Root, Dragonfly, Markup, Hotlips, Sooner, Fuse, Publix, Cropduster, Cousin Eddie, HBC

5 Ruckers and 6 RAM’ers gathered on this good Friday morning for some early morning fun, F3 style. The Ruckers had already set a course North as YHC and 5 …

Arrow 4/19

  • When: 4/18/19
  • QIC: Powder
  • The PAX: HBC, Fuse, Cheese Wiz, Retread, Flamer, Cousin Eddie, SP, Phlegm, Katniss

**This BB is to show all folks that it can be very simple and take less than 5 minutes** PAX just like to see who posted and what we did …

Which way do we go?

  • When: 04/10/2019
  • The PAX: Snips, DB, Friar, BF, Old School, Mayberry, and Audit

YHC arrived just on time, the mumble chatter again was turned all the way up. I got there and first was the COT WOD Romans 12 : 1-2 Therefore, I …

Babyface’s blue fingers

  • When: 4/6/2019
  • The PAX: Snips, Grout, Bismarck, Friar, Baby Face, Audit, Twin, Swinger, Woody

Better late than never, YHC arrived a couple minutes early where he was greeted by all the HIM’s of F3 Lenoir. The mumble chatter was cranked up for the warmup …