Thanks for the Reminder

  • When: 9/27/16
  • QIC: Powder
  • The PAX: Gasser, Billy Jean, Sooner, Publix, Squints, Freud, Suppository, Retread, Fuzzy Balls

YHC almost totally forgot about his Q this morning until mentioning to some PAX about a possible PreRun. That is when Gasser said “Don’t you have the Q tomorrow?” After checking the very helpful F3 Hickory Google Calendar I realized he was right…. whoever made that must be a genius.

Warm Up
– SSH, ATT, Windmill IC X 15

The Thang
Partner up and grab a block then head over to the driveway behind Corinth on 2nd St NW. While P1 ran down the hill and did 5 Squats P2 would be doing these:
-Bench Press (switch when P1 gets back)
-Kettle Bell Swings
-Curls for the girls
-Overhead Press
-Upright Rows

After both partners finished up we headed to the bball court behind Corinth for some Abs:
-Flutter Kicks IC X 15
-(no break) 6″.. 45 degrees

Over to the wall
-Peoples Chair with Arm Press & Little Arm Circles IC X 15

YHC then gave the PAX the option of rinse and repeat the hill exercises or a Jacob’s Ladder with Burpees. Fuzzy Balls quickly spoke up to say “rinse and repeat”. He then said that on his first ever Post Twig almost killed him doing a Burpee Ladder on that hill so he was for anything besides that.
– Rinse and Repeat 5 exercises with Partner

Take blocks back to pile just in time for some more Ab Work
-Flutter Kicks into 6″

YHC could not find his bookmark that he prepared so just winging it was the only option. Spoke about unification and challenged the PAX to find common ground with those you might not always agree with, so that you could show love.

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