4 Laps of the Old ER would have been better

  • When: 11/28/2016
  • QIC: Suppository
  • The PAX: Suppos, Retread, Flamer, Beaker, Cousin Eddie, Herniator, Publix, Jordache, Short Sale, Billie Jean

YHC was given the Q last night by the former master Q of the (more on that later). After trying to come up with something original, YHC just decided to try to make it horrible. Here’s how it went:


Humpy’s 15 IC

Butt Kickers  20 IC

High Knees 20 IC

Mosey to parking garage for Back and Forth x2

Merkins- 5-10-15-20

Backwards run up the ramp then LBC’s for the six.

Squats- 10-20-30-40 backwards up ramp and LBC’s for Cousin Eddie again

BB sit ups- 5-10-15-20 and backwards……

Star Jumps-  5-10-15-20 and backwards….

Burpees- 5-10-15-20

Ring Of Fire: started with mountain climbers while the PAX planked then moved to dying cockroaches, then box cutters.

Mosey down stairs to the top of Test Hill and divided into 2 teams of 5 for the Finale: a relay race down and back up. Team 2 had a nice lead going into the last leg when Jordache took off like a bowling ball down the hill. The PAX were waiting for him to faceplant, but he still couldnt catch Herniator as Team 2 took the V.


Flamer has been passed the shovel flag to ER by Cousin Eddie- those emails have taken up too much of this home office time.

Christmas Party at the Hata’s on December 17th. Bring yourself and M. No kids. Everyone show up!

We went out with the Lord’s Prayer. Thanks for letting me lead today fellas-



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