Windy and Warm Hurler

  • When: 11/29/2016
  • QIC: Suppository
  • The PAX: Friar, Assid, Twig, Udder Butter, Banjo, Band Camp, Suppository

Honestly, after the ER Monday YHC was lacking energy when he got to this morning. But 7 PAX showed up ready to go and gave him the motivation needed to try to wear them out. Here’s how it went down:



Lunge 10 IC

Windmill 12 IC

Alt Toe Touch 12 IC

Humpy’s 12 IC

Mosey to Elgin hill-

5 Squats at top- 10 Burpees at end of road, back to start-

20 Merkins at top- 40 IST at end. Mosey to Flick Video

Monkey walk across the parking lot and circle up for Jack Webb #1

Mosey back to the blocks and partner up. Partner 1 does exercise while partner 2 runs around laundromat

100 Curls

100 Over head press

100 Bent Over Rows

Next was a Farmer Walk with 2 blocks down parking lot while partner did Squats, then switched.

Put blocks up, and time for some Gorilla humpers

Jack Webb set #2. A real PAX pleaser that one.

Ring of Fire back at flag with a run around the Clock during each set.

10 BB sit ups

6 inches to close.


Christmas party at Hata’s December 17th.

Convergence Saturday at Whipping Stick


If there is any broken relationship in your life, perhaps one that has been exposed at Thanksgiving or by the election or anything else, God is speaking to you. The Holy Spirit is asking you to make the first move to open your heart toward reconciliation.

So I encourage you to ask three questions. First, to whom is my heart closed? Second, what’s the next step? Third, who can help? This Advent season is a great time to open your heart to restore those relationships as you prepare to welcome Jesus afresh into your life.

Thanks fellas!

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