Biscuits & Eagles

  • When: 11/29/16
  • QIC: Fuzzy Balls
  • The PAX: Tooth Fairy, Billy Jean, Fuzzy Balls, Beaker, Kapowski, Powder, Cousin Eddie, Sooner, Flamer, Retread

10 PAX and some much needed rain gathered this morning for YHC’s first Q.

It went down like this:

Warm Up (IC):
– Jump Rope, x20
– Side Straddle Hops, x15
– Imperial Storm Troopers, x15
– Humpy’s, x10
– Little Arm Circles forward, x10
– Little Arm Circles backwards, x10

Mosey to the long parking lot for some dynamic exercises to the first light pole and back:
– Side Steps, low & slow
– Carioca
– High Knees
– Frankensteins
– Box Hops
– Lunges
– Butt Kickers

Moseyed to the basketball court, where YHC revealed that he enjoyed his first ever Bojangles experience not so long ago, after almost 10 years in the U.S.
In appreciation of their wholesome fixings, we rallied together to complete a “$3.00 Bojangles Biscuit Circuit”
– LBC’s x 5/10/15
– American Hammer x 5/10/15
– Dollies x 5/10/15
– Flutter Kicks x 5/10/15
– Plank Jacks x 5/10/15
In between each circuit, the PAX ran around the track (biscuit), sprinting the straights, moseying the corners.

We then took shelter at the school’s walls for the following:
– Wall Sit, 1 Minute/ 30 sec.
– Mohammed Ali’s, x 20/15, IC
– Overhead Press, x 15/10, IC
– Incline Merkins, x 10/10 IC
– Decline Merkin, x 10/6 IC
– Tricep Dip, x 10/10 IC

An Indian run with sporadic traffic avoidance completed the day’s workout as we went around the block back to the Flag.

The story of Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards was told. Eddie defied all odds, of which there were many, to quality for the ’88 Calgary Winter Olympics and smash all British Ski Jumping records, despite coming last in each event.
It is a great story of the ultimate underdog.
We, as Christians, may be seen as the underdog in today’s culture as we try to lead lives of worthy of God. Mark 10:31 states, however, “Those that finish first will finish last, and those that finish last will finish first”.
No matter what rung of life or difficulties we face in our lives trying to pursue our Christian values, Christ has faith in us to make it to the ultimate destination as victors.

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