A Burpeepalooza At Hurler

  • When: 12/01/16
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Snips, Twig, Band Camp, Banjo, 2-Ply, Friar (Q)

It was YHC’s turn to Q this morning at . I wanted to set the bar high; so I decided to “throw down the gauntlet” (as one described it) by trying to steal the title of “Angry Preacher” away from Abraham! Maybe that scared some of the PAX; because by 5:23 I was still solo, but eventually another 5 men rolled in just in time to get the snot worked out of them! Of course, these were Granite Strong men, so nothing really to worry about! To the ones who decided to stay in their warm beds, cuddled to their teddy bears, and sipping hot chocolate or whatever one does when he doesn’t POST; you missed out on a real chance to get better!

For the ones who showed up; we got to work like this:

  • SSH ICx10
  • ATT ICx10
  • Little Arm Circles ICx10
  • Rev. Little Arm Circles ICx10
  • Overhead Claps ICx15
  • Mountain Climbers ICx15
  • Plank Jacks ICx15

Fast Mosey to the Block Pile

  • John Cusack Calf Raises ICx25
  • Curls 4 the Girls ICx25
  • Hang Cling & Press ICx10
  • Wonder Bras ICx10

We paired up in twos and took one block per pair up to Flick Video

At Flick Video the PAX were introduced to BURPEEPALOOZA

  • 50 Burpees Cumulative
  • P1 begins Burpees; P2 runs to corner of N. Main and Hillside and does 20 Big Boy Sit-ups
  • P2 runs back and flap jacks with P1
  • Stop and plank once 50 Burpees have been completed
  • Round 1 Over


  • 45 Seal Burpees Cumulative
  • P1 begins Burpees; P2 runs to same spot to do 20 RBC’s
  • P2 runs back and flap jacks with P1
  • Stop and plank once 45 Seal Burpees have been completed
  • Round 2 over


  • 40 Double Merkin Burpees Cumulative
  • Same as above except P2 runs to same spot and does 20 LBC’s
  • Once 40 Double Merkin Burpees are complete stop and plank
  • Round 3 over


  • 35 Blockees Cumulative
  • Same routine except LBC’s replaced with 20 Flutter Kicks (or 10 per leg)
  • Once 35 Blockees are done plank
  • Round 4 over


Very fast mosey back to Shovel Flag and drop blocks off on our way

Back at Shovel Flag

  • Monkey Humpers ICx15
  • Crab Jacks ICx15
  • Pretzels ICx15/leg

Unfortunately, we ran out of time, though I had a few more treats in store!


  • Lyrics to “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus”
  • 1st Week of Advent is about Hope
  • From Adam and Eve all the way to you and me we have hope in the Coming Christ
  • Share that hope with the many we see this time of year who feel hopeless

It was an honor to work out and lead these men! I don’t know if you can find a tougher group who want to get better! They took on a workout fit for The ER and CRUSHED IT!!!!! You may want to start recruiting Q’s from these guys, Flamer!



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