Me vs. Me

  • QIC: HBC
  • The PAX: Part Time, Taz, Hotlips, Plank, Cable Guy, HBC

It would have been easy for YHC to just phone it in this morning. In fact, he admitted to the men of that he considered it. Lately he’s been dealing with a nagging shoulder pain. The kind of pain that keeps him from doing the things that he so often takes for granted like tucking in his shirt correctly, sleeping through the night, Merkins, and making sure that his hair looks good (it takes two hands on his hair you know). But YHC also doesn’t like whining. So he’ll stop now and tell you what happened.

Conditions: Clear, cool, and 46F

The Thang:
Warm Up IC
Alternating Toe Touches X 20
Plank Jacks X 20
Humpy’s X 15
Peter Parkers X 20
Hillbillies X 20
Vertical Little Arm Circles (bent over arms down)
Vertical Little Arm Circles (lying on back arms up)

Mosey to the front of Lowes Foods for Tabata (30 sec exercise/20 sec rest)
Mogul Jumps
Pistol Squats R
Pistol Squats L
High Knees

Mosey in front of Lowes, across the road, and to the top of True Value Hill
Hill repeats with ladders at the top and bottom
10 Mountain Climbers then run down the hill
1 Squat then run up the hill
9 Mountain Climbers then run down the hill
2 Squats then run up the hill….continue this pattern until you reach 1 Mountain Climber and 10 Squats

Mosey back to Star for COT

Chilly moleskin:
YHC is glad that he didn’t call it in. He was glad that he had the privilege of leading Plank, Hotlips, Taz, Part Time, and Cable Guy as they covered 2.6 miles with pain stations along the way. YHC appreciates the bond and the brotherhood that he’s experienced through F3, maybe more than any other aspect of F3. On some days (like today) the motivating factor that gets him there is to just say to himself “Come on man. Others are depending on you. Improvise as necessary. Do what you can but get up and go!”

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YHC closed with reminder about taking time to listen to God each day, especially as we get closer to Christmas. The lesson of Elijah from 1 Kings 19:12 reminds us that God communicates with us any way that He sees fit. Sometimes that way is with a simple whisper. But in order to hear Him, we must listen and listen well. As we experience the noise and the busyness that this season can bring, let’s all heed the advice of 1 Kings and take time to listen. Just listen.

As always, it was an honor to Q the men of #Star


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