Enough Already

  • When: 12/08/16
  • QIC: Abraham
  • The PAX: Squints, Publix, Igloo, Billie Jean, Humpy, Tooth Fairy, Fuzzy Balls, Cousin Eddie, Recliner, Root, Powder, S.P., Jordache, Peaches, Retread, Abraham

Don’t you think 3 Qs in one week is enough already? It is. Because of the way the calendar happened to fall and because YHC and Udder Butter switched dates last week YHC ended up having to lead 3 workouts this week. The PAX has had quite of enough of ‘ol Abe for awhile. Time to get another leader who will do more than pick one exercise and have the PAX do like 1,000 of them. (Okay, YHC is guilty of that but it sure makes planning a workout simpler.) Here’s what the resident un-creative genius came up with for this morning.
Conditions: It was kinda cold.

The Thang
Little warm-up consisting of:
SSH x 20 4ct
Mountain climbers X 15 4ct
Humpys X 12 4ct.

Mosey to Corinth parking lot
25 burpees OYO

Mosey to intersection of 15th Av & 4 St NW
25 burpees OYO

Mosey up the big hill to Bryan Center
25 burpees OYO

Mosey to bottom of hill at offices on 4th St
Super 21s
– Begin at bottom of hill with 1 merkin, run to top for 21 squats. Keep going like a Jacob’s ladder: 2 merkins at bottom, 20 squats at top, 3 merkins, 19 squats, etc. until done. Except we didn’t get done. YHC cut it short at around 12 merkins and 10 squats because 1) we were running out of time and 2) the PAX were about to mutiny, as in “Abe, this is about enough of this mess.”
Mosey over to Igloo’s business, Hickory Fireplace and Patio. Anybody need a fireplace? Some patio furniture? Yeti products? A Big Green Egg? See Iggy. He’ll fix you right up.

25 burpees OYO (we weren’t about to quit with just 75. Gotta make it 100.)

Mosey back to the shovel flag by way of Copperbean.
35 merkins in honor of S.P.’s 35th birthday.

Kinda tough, this one. YHC wanted to do the same workout we did at the ER on Monday but got glared at by the PAX when he mentioned it at 5:28am. So, this is what we did instead. We did get better. 100 burpees and half of a super 21 will do that.
By way of announcements, make sure you’ve RSVPed to Crop or Herniator about the Christmas party on 12/17. Tuesday Expresso moves to the square downtown on Jan. 3 and will be re-branded Howitzer. Bing will be Master Q of the new A.O.. YHC needs one more ultra runner for the Palmetto 200 team with OBT and Dredd.
The W.O.D. was a little sermonette about Joseph, the husband of Mary and the earthly father of Jesus. He was a righteous man who lived by the law of God and was led by the Spirit of God. That is a powerful combination. So, lets immerse ourselves in Bible reading and prayerful contemplation, like Joseph. Pretty good model for us.
It was an honor to lead the PAX again this morning but 3 times in one week is enough already. Y’all take the reins for awhile now. Even I’m tired of me.

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