Slingblade: The Best DAM Run Ever!

  • When: 12/07/16
  • QIC: Cropduster
  • The PAX: Band Camp, Friar, Old School, Two-Stroke

5 #GraniteStrong men rolled up in in lovely downtown Granite Falls, NC early this morning for a Run That Will Live in Infamy!

COT: Cropduster read the Advent devotional on HOPE that his 2.0 had written.  We mentioned prayer needs – mainly for the pastor in Caldwell who was killed by a drunk driver the night before.  This is very sad news as he leaves small children and a wife behind.  Be in prayer for this family.

The Thang:

We ran through the streets of Granite Falls – first doing a loop to make the mileage work out.  Then off we wend down Falls Avenue, across the 321 bridge, down the long hill, across the CLOSED bridge that goes over MillPond.  We ran up the hill and turned right into Granada Farms.  We stayed on Meandering Way all the way til it ended, then on gravel and then across the DAM.  The dam is amazingly high, the water is flowing under the walkway at the top making for a thunderous noise.  We paused for the moment and then headed on over the dam, then right onto DAM street.  Then a left turn and we are back on Falls Avenue for the uphill climb, going around Concord Baptist Church and on back into downtown.

We had a BLAST and a big shout out to Old School for hanging in there for the entire run.  He has run long distances before, took several years off, and is now getting back out there.  Way to go brother.

Today was the The BEST Dam run Ever!

Cropduster out!

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