If You Want To Make Markup Laugh

  • When: 12/15/16
  • QIC: Abraham
  • The PAX: Publix, Tooth Fairy, Cousin Eddie, Retread, Peaches, Abraham

You know that old saying, “if you want to make God laugh tell Him your plans”? Well, evidently that applies to Markup too. Not two days ago YHC sent Markup a message informing him that YHC was shutting down exercising for a couple of weeks to let my left calf heal. Thing’s been hurt for weeks now and needs rest to get better. Next day, YHC sees that he is suppose to be part of a Combined Beat Down Q team with two other Respects. No problem, thought YHC, the other two can handle it whilst he rests. But noooo, turns out the other two would be unavailable. So YHC ends up on the injured calf this morning leading another “lame” workout. (lame, get it? Ha! I kill me.)
You want to make Markup laugh tell him your plans.
Anyway, what to do at the workout? Let’s see, YHC has lead that awful 1,500 thingy at Star and ER. Why deprive the men of Expresso the pleasure of doing 1,500 reps in about 40 minutes and having the pride that comes with it? So . . .

The Thang
Alternating toe-touch X 12 4ct
Humpys X 12 4ct
Mtn. climbers X 12 4ct
Mosey up to the track around Viewmont Elementary School playground.

The Real Thang
Partner up. Partner 1 runs a lap around the playground while Partner 2 does as many reps as possible of the exercises below until Partner 1 returns. Then switch off, keeping count until completing:
500 SSH
400 Squats
300 Sit-ups
200 Merkins
100 Burpees
That’s a total of 1,500 reps. Fif. Teen. Hundred. AYE!

Dang it was cold. The temp wasn’t all that bad but it was really windy. Cut right through us. But this workout will warm you up pretty quickly. We got it done but with nary a minute to spare. And everybody loved it! Right TF? TF? (I don’t think he’s on speaking terms with me anymore.)
The W.O.D. was provided by Linus – that’s right Linus of Peanuts fame. The blue blanket toting little theologian joined us via Youtube to explain to Charlie Brown, and to us, the real meaning of Christmas. He nailed Luke chapter 2 without missing a beat. Thanks, young Mr. Van Pelt. (What, you didn’t know Linus’ last name is Van Pelt? How could you have missed that? Did you also miss the fact that Linus dropped his security blanket when he got to the part when the angels announced Christ’s birth? You didn’t miss that too did you? When Linus has Jesus he has all the security he needs. So do we.)
Good morning. Great morning. Right TF? TF? Still not speaking. Maybe he’ll get over it.

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