Still Hate The ER But At Least I Got To Q

  • When: 12/12/16
  • QIC: Beaker
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddie, Publix, Peaches, Abraham, Retread, Jordache, Flamer, Suppository, Powder, Kapowski, FNG Joe Dirt

12 Pax including 1 FNG (Welcome Joe Dirt!) got up for a little fun with the Beaker this morning.  This starts a big week for old Beak as he has three Q’s in four days to start the week!  Thank goodness we didn’t have to do any old laps.  YHC was not having any of that.  We still worked up a nice sweat.  Here’s a recap of the 45 minutes we shared:


The usual stuff I think – Humpies, SSH, ATT, IST

Mosey to the historic property on the corner we’ve never used before:

Partner up for 200 Merkins.  P1 starts Merkins while P2 runs to top of drive and back

Mosey up the drive where we circled up and did some ab work

Mosey to Medical Specialties parking lot for the world’s longest B.L.I.M.P.S session with your partner.  Started with 30 and moved up in increments of 10.  The run portion was from sidewalk all the way down to the bushes at end of lot and back up.

Mosey to bottom of parking deck for a little Burpee and Squat tag team with your partner.  P1 does 12 Burpees while P2 runs to the end of the straightaway and does squats.  When P1 finished he ran to relieve P2 so he could run to the end of the next straightaway and do his Burpees.  We repeated this all the way to the top.

Mosey all the way down the deck back to the flag.  We did go down one flight of stairs for time’s sake.

COT / Name-O-Rama

Announcements – F3 Hickory Christmas Party – this Saturday @ 6pm @ Herniator’s

WOD – can’t remember but it was good…oh yeah…it was a quote by C.S. Lewis – “Relying on God has to begin all over again every day as of nothing had yet been done.”

Have to give to give a shout out to the newest member of F3 Hickory – welcome to Hal Huffman.  Now and forever more known as Joe Dirt!  He can be reached at 828-302-3464 or

The ER is a sucky way to start the week but we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Always an honor fellas!

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