• When: 12/20/16
  • QIC: Billie Jean
  • The PAX: Squints, Root, Recliner, Powder, Retread, Cousin Eddie, Beaker, Herniator, Suppository, Publix, Jordache, and The Hump

Warmup- happy jacks, windmill, monkey jumpers, Imperial storm troopers

The Cooper at Track- 10 pull-ups, 10 burpees, 10 squats, run 1 lap around track…. 9,9,9, run lap… etc down to 5 reps

5 Hill runs – down, 5 merkins, back peddle up, repeat 5x

Abs- box cutters/rbc

Where are we spending our one on one Time with God!?

Mark 1 35-39 spending time with God… so what do we do with our time or do you we have time blocked out for God? It’s in that time where true communication happens with God. And so the only way for us to build clear communication is when we are vertically clear and focused in his word. He is already there. Our minds and hearts become clear when we are in solitude with God.

Ephesians 5 15-17…. F3 is great for many reasons, So we have to carry the confidence of our one on one time spent with God to the workouts and everywhere else we go! This way others will truly see his son Jesus in our hearts.

Prayer – strength from God to spend our time wisely and for a co-worker of beakers/their company from a sudden death that will impact them greatly.

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