Christmas Eve Wipeout

  • When: 12/24/16
  • QIC: Udder Butter
  • The PAX: Twig, Backstop, Assid, Bernie, Bandcamp, Two Ply, Two Stroke, Banjo

You have heard the adage ‘careful what you wish for’.  Well YHC had worked out hard the whole week and wanted my Saturday Q to be a tough one for the Pax. A little early Christmas gift from me.  Little did I expect that the beatdown I received at RAM on Friday prior would make my Saturday routine twice as hard (for me).  But as Q I couldn’t let the men down or see me struggle. So I trudged on.

So here is how the pain was administered;

Uncle Carl’s x 20 IC
Monkey Humpers x 20 IC
Humpys x 20 IC
Imperial Squat Walker x 20 IC

Mosey around school to Tennis courts. I intentionally ran by the block pile just to give the impression that was the first thing we would do. But I was teasing. I would save that for later. There are six tennis courts at 300.

The Thang-
Run to the end of Tennis courts (width wise)
-Court 6: 60 2 count line jumps
-Court 5: 50 Squats
-Court 4: 40 two ct American Hammers
– Court 3: 30 Merkins
-Court 2: 20 Smurf Jacks
-Court 1: 10 Burpees
People’s Chair on fence waiting for the Six

-Rinse and Repeat
-Repeat and Repeat again

Now we mosey to block pile

Each Pax carries a block up and across outdoor emergency stairs x 2.

Bench presses while waiting on the Six

Mosey with blocks to blacktop

4 corners:  Each Pax does 10 Merkins and then carries his block to a corner for the exercise and reps below.  Between each, he has to return to the middle for more Merkins- then off to the next corner.
C1: 20 block presses
C2: 20 curls
C3: 20 skull crushers
C4: 20 overhead presses

Everyone loved this one so much that we rinsed and repeated it again!

LBCs waiting on the Six on end of each round.

No Christmas Eve workout would be complete without some Mary (you know- Mary and Joseph, etc):
Freddy Mercuries x20 IC
Slow box cutters x 20 IC
BIg Boy Sit-ups x 20 IC
4 ct RBCs touching knees to chest x10 IC

After dropping off our blocks we moseyed to the flower box for:

Incline Merkins x 20 IC
Dips (4 ct) x 20 IC

Then back to the flag for COT.

It was good to have two F3 visitors Backstop and Bernie. It was my honor to lead these men who worked exceptionally hard that morning.

Read Luke 2:8-14

Discussed va 14:KJV = “Peace on earth, good will towards me.”  Does he mean good favor on every man, regardless of or despite his sinful condition?

NIV=”Peace on earth, good will on those his favor rest”. Does he mean good favor on only those that he selects?

Finally, shepherds would have spoken in Aramaic so that translation speaks towards “glory to God in the highest  and on earth He ( this child that is born)  will bring all men into harmony with God.”

That is the Good News of Christmas! He brought us the opportunity to fellowship with God not only here on earth but for eternity.  Don’t let presents, eating and the bustle of this world’s secular holiday rob you of the peace of Christmas.

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