Oh brother where art thou?

2.22.17 Update:
* Cable Guy, Pinto, Sleeper, and Stonewall removed due to recent posts! T Claps to those men. Keep it up guys and lets continue to encourage these men to post.

F3Hickory is growing. Fast. Fast as Patty Mayo does burpees fast. With our growth we have plenty of FNG’s to keep our attendance pretty solid. This is good.
But have you seen our list of F3 brothers that have fallen by the way side and haven’t posted in months or even years? It’s staggering how many inactive Pax we have. Take a couple minutes to scan the list below and EH one of these cats to post again. This list isn’t perfect. The more I think about it, this is just a list of everyone that YHC hasn’t seen in a while. You may be posting at the Mount or the . If you are posting and you’re on this list AND you’ve actually read this down to here, play on playa.
Let Cousin Eddie know if you see a name, know the person well enough to reach out to them but don’t have their contact info and I’ll send it over.

3D- Kent Blalock
Apple- Ben Cole
AWOL- Jamon Osborne
Basser- Dave Eichman
Batman- Tony Cox
Bedbug- Randy Sain
Blue Suede- Eric Fulcher
Bogey- Chuck Benway
Bouchee- Alston Robinson
Brokeback- Chris Rogers
Bronco- Bob Fincher
Broughton- Josh Edwards
Brownie- Logan Labo
Buttermaker- Derrick Powell

Clone- Wayne Caviness
Couch Burner- Steve Bender
Coxswain- Kevin Reaume
Crablegs- Chris Freeland
Crayola- Tim Larson
Cruz- Ben Carey
Dan-O- Brian Joyner
Deflater- Kevin Demers
Delta- Julius Johnson
Depends- Chuck Tracy
Deposit- Ronnie Hainor
Devil Dog- Gary Apple
Diesel- Josh Asher
Dink- Jason Phillis
Double Fault- Don Gordon
Dry Fly- Ken Temple
Dry Rub- John Turner
El Camino- Phillip Bumgarner
Farfegnugen- Mike Ellwanger
Flo- Richard Lane
Freebird- Zachary Crowl
Gobbler- Clark Sellers
Gomer- Caleb Cole
Goober- Jack Minor
Gumby- Gene Annas
Half-pipe- Jeremy Richards
Hambino- Kevin Wall
Havoc- Jesse Wright
Hawkeye- Ken Parish
Heave- Nate Wimberly
Hightower- Micah Isenhour
Hoser- Josh Worsham
Hurt Locker- Michael Crowl
Jambalaya- Joel Parker
Janikowski- Stuart Mull
Jemima- Eric Taylor
K-mart- Daniel Pereira
Kleenex- Dru Schneeberger
Lt. Dan- Chad Burel
M-80- Matt Whitt
Mac- Noah Taylor
Matlock- Kevin McIntosh
Mayberry- Brian Kelly
Mozart- Daniel Dunlop
Nemo- Shane Clark
Norm- Nathan Bowman
Olaf- Gene Stoker
OMB- Geoffrey Johnson
Paddle- Derek Ramsey
Peach Fuzz- Eric Sandifer

Pom Pom- Colten McDowell
Ponzi- Jim Elliott
Popeye- Stephen Mccloy
PSL- Doug Frye
Pumpernickel- Rai Robinson
Ralph- Ronny Skinner
Ranger Rabbit- Jason Mazzocchio
Roth- Ryan Edwards
Sarge- Joe Bailey
Shawshank- David Childers
Shiner- Jason Porter
Sing Sing- Kevin Kelly
Skidmark- Joel Wrigley

Slumlord- Frankie Keever
Smalls- Drew Sigmon
Sparky- Brad Swink
Splat- Jacob Bailey
Stagecoach- Jeff Mullis

Styxx- Eli Graham
Sugar- Shawn Clark
Sundance- Butch Cloninger
Sunshine- Ethan Schronce
Swanson- Jackson Schonewolf
Tiny Dancer- Michael Luney
Top Hat- LT Thompson
Tubeless- Adrian Holtzman
Turd Herder- Jeremy Rees
Turtle- Nick Huffman
Two-Step- Michael Martin
UHaul- Eric Graham
Walk-on- David Wachter
Wallstreet- Jody Street
Watergate- Brian Bogle
Weasley- Adam Doucette
Zoolander- Jeff Hall

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FYI…Cable Guy posts regularly at the Star.

I’ll start reaching out to some of these other guys. Batman, Stonewall, Pinto, etc, etc


I am reaching out too some of them too and have EH’d some recently. A few have moved away. Let me know if it’s OK to take them off the list officially and I will give you their names.


Thanks for this list CE – this is helpful in making sure we don’t forget about someone. I appreciate you taking the time to post this.