Binary brings the pain train to #Star

  • When: 12/27/16
  • QIC: Binary
  • The PAX: Taz, Part Time, Plank, Hot Lips, Pillsbury (Base Camp Ashville), Binary

Tuesday was gong to be a good day, yep until i found out Monday that my Brother in Law was planning on bringing the pain train to the #.  Binary is an interesting Q to say the least, he has a motto (TMDR), Too Much Damn Running, so he is usually very inventive in his Q creation which in turn is very effective.  He called and said bring my trailer over to his house, see YHC knows that Binary has had these logs drying in his yard for several months and also his Son in Law (Pillsbury for Base Camp Ashville) was visiting so something nasty was coming.

6 showed up in the Gloom for a COP that started with some SSH, then some various other mess.

Then the meat of this thing, looming off in the near distance was a big pile of Maple Logs with GoDevils, Axes, and Sledge Hammers with Wedges, that was station one.  Station two was a lone Sledgehammer, Station three was SSH with Coupons, Station four was the battle rope, and Station five a 6lb medicine ball.  OK Tabatta time , 1 min on, 15 sec rest in between station changes.  Binary’s goal was to get his logs split, so we did a pretty good job of getting that done, we left him some to do on his own.  The amount of pain delivered from this pain train came quick as really no log splitting experience by the PAX was on full display.  Man those things are tough and makes you appreciate a hydraulic log splitter.

Mumblechatter was good at the beginning, Binary was accused of letting his M lay out his clothes prior to the workout.  Man that guy was color coordinated.  Great seeing Pillsbury, this guy does not look like your average baker.   6’3″ /4″ / 250 lbs and solid as a rock, you dont want to think this baker is soft…..or complain about the product…Just kidding, great guy and great father of two.

Plank posting for Binary

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