Burpees and Busted Blocks

  • When: 12/29/16
  • QIC: Abraham
  • The PAX: Fit It Felix, Has Been (a.k.a. Glory Days), Short Sale, Doughboy, Drivethru, Abraham

It was an accident, okay? YHC didn’t intentionally bust up a cement block at The Mount this morning. Didn’t hurl it across the parking lot in anger. Didn’t throw it at Short Sale (but not a bad idea, come to think of it). This whole “angry preacher” thing is overplayed to begin with. YHC is not angry. On the contrary, he drifts through life on the wings of grace, smiling at the world . . . you’re not buying this are you? Okay, so maybe a wee bit irked at the ways of the world, but not angry enough to go throwing blocks around. Maybe just angry enough to make a small group of really nice guys do 150 burpees in gloom for no particular reason other than he felt like it.
Got a problem with that?

The Thang
The Thang was a Spoke workout.
First the PAX grabbed two bricks each and delivered them to a darkened corner of the field between the ortho docs’ office and Trinity Ridge. Then we moseyed over to Walgreen’s to get one block each. This is were things went a bit awry. YHC liked the idea of taking a shortcut back to the flag by rolling his block down the hill behind Walgreen’s and scrambling down after it. Don’t do this. It doesn’t work. There’s a ledge about 4 1/2 feet high at the edge of the hill beside the paved road below. Somehow this escaped YHC’s notice. Turns out, when you roll a cement block down that hill it leaps of the ledge, hits the paved road, and explodes. So, don’t do this. Ever again. Anyway, each PAX carried a block back towards the flag and dropped it in the opposite corner of the filed from the bricks.
We circled up at the flag in the middle of the field and YHC explained the Spoke workout

Start at the flag – 10 burpees
Sprint to 1st corner – 10 brick merkins
Sprint back to flag – 10 burpees
Sprint to 2nd corner – 10 merkins
Sprint back to flag – 10 burpees
Sprint to 3rd corner – 10 decline merkins, feet on blocks
Sprint back to flag – 10 burpees
Sprint to 4th corner – 10 wide arm merkins
Sprint back to flag – 10 burpees
Plank for the 6.

Repeat the Spoke as above but change the corner exercises for leg work, 10 reps each.
1st corner – wide arm brick squats
2nd corner – lunges
3rd corner – block goblet squats
4th corner – squats

Repeat the Spoke again for ab work, 10 reps each.
1st corner – wide arm brick situps
2nd corner – WWII situps
3rd corner – Block situps (holding blocks to chest – crowd pleaser)
4th corner – LBCs

Since we did 10 burpees to begin each Spoke rotation and 10 burpees between each spoke we did a total of 150 burpees. The total number of reps of the other exercises added up to 120. We worked chest, legs, and abs. A total body workout plus we got in a couple of miles of running.

YHC read the third chapter of Colossians. It’s great practical advice for living a spiritual life in a very real world filled with all kinds of temptations. YHC vowed to read it for himself every week in 2017. Doing this will help keep anyone on the right path.

YHC is not angry. Really, he’s not. The broken to smithereens block was a mistake in judgment. Oh, the heck with it. No one is ever going to believe it.
See y’all all over the Hickory region in the gloom this year; Granite, Taylorsville, Hickory’s various AOs, Mountain View, and soon in Lenoir and Conover.
Man, we’ve got a lot to choose from. 2017 is going to be a great year for the men of the Hickory region.

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