No Stalkers @ # Station this morning

  • When: 12/28/16
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: Trigger, Part Time, Vegi Tales, Plank

4 post in the cool gloom Wednesday at in Conover.  You may have not heard of , it is an AO that we started as a mid week workout about a year ago, but due to lack of attendance and Q participation kind of fizzled, but thanks to The Dude and Trigger it has been resurrected and needs our (F3Hickory) Support.  Current this AO is on Wednesday at 1 day per week, but could easily move to a normal Tuesday / Thursday if attendance is gained.  It would be nice to see us reach our brothers in Conover, Newton (is there a difference) and Clairmont communities.   Also, lately, has been the scene of some excitement last week when the PAX were stalked Christine style by a black SUV, and the PAX got spooked and took to on a high tail evasion of the wood be weirdo.  All PAX managed to overcome any abductions and came back for more this Wednesday when YHC took the Q on request from The Dude who was absent and not feeling well.


  • SSH x 15 IC
  • ATT x 15 IC
  • Windmills x 15 IC
  • Copperhead Squats   x 15 IC
  • Maybe did something else could not remember

Mosey PAX to the Lower PL for some BOMBS

  • Burpees x 10
  • Overhead Claps x 15
  • Merkins  x 20
  • Big Boy Situps  x 25
  • Squats x 30

After each set run to the middle light pole and back.

Rest then Descending BOMBS

  • Squats  x 10
  • Big Boy Situps  x 15
  • Merkins  x 20
  • Overhead Claps  x 25
  • Burpees x 30

After each set run to the middle light pole and back, plank for the 6

Lunge Walk to the middle light pole

Next section of PL, Mogul Jump up Hill approx 50 yards

Mosey Pax to steps at back of Station for Calf Raises 10 IC each leg.

Mosey Pax to side of GYM for some wall work…

  • Wall Sit
  • Wonder Bras   x 20 IC
  • Aussy Mnt Climbers   x 10 IC

Mosey Pax around front of  The Station with 50 / 50 Karaoke then to Steps on Side of building

Calf Raises 10 IC each Leg.

Continue Mosey to Park Track , halfway PAX picked up a granite rock for the following

  • American Hammers with Rock  IC x 15
  • Big Boy Situps with Rock   IC x 15

Continue Mosey around walking track to low wall for the following.

Dips  IC x 20

Done, Breath

name a rama, count a rama, announcements and prayer.


PSALMS 81  Encourage and restoration is through Christ alone.

Great workout that thankfully was uneventful with any stalkers.  They is a great AO right in the middle of Conover with tons of Q opportunity.  Everyone should sign up and help lead these men.  Trigger and Vegi are as solid as ever and all we need is more PAX, so EH men they need it.  We get to witness several Sadclowns pulling into the Gym parking lot, maybe they can be influenced. It was a pleasure men, till next time, plank out.




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