Run For Peru 5K

  • When: 12-31-2016
  • QIC: Clifford BRD
  • The PAX: 3-Dog, Part Time, Plank, and Clifford BRD

Run For Peru 5K. Giving thanks to the Heath family for the mission work they are doing in Peru. The weather was perfect temps in the high 20’s low 30’s. A PAX of 3 got out of bed early enough for a quick, but to the point beatdown. Several other PAX down due to sickness hopes and prayers that they all get better soon. Missed you guys.


Moroccan nightclubs x 50 ic
SSH x 20 ic
Att x 15 ic
Humpy’s x 15 ic
LBC x 25 ic
Copperhead squats x 15 ic

Mosey over to wall. For I guess you could call it a cliffhanger wall walk. One man on the wall while partner holds legs and walk up and around the ledge of wall. While two men on the wall other man was doing a wall sit with overhead presses. Flapjack until all 3 men did the wall walk.

PAX rotated through cliffhanger overhead press and incline Merkins.

Mosey to front steps of the church and did 10 dips ic on the hand rails. 10 incline Merkin ic on the hand rails.

Calf raises ic 10 left leg 10 right then 20 both legs.

10 sit-ups OYO

Mosey to steps on the side on the church. Box jump from bottom to top
then left leg hop from bottom to top then right leg hop from bottom to top.


Now that all that’s done we are ready to run the 5K. And still after all that still no Plank he said he overslept. Ok if that’s your story brother. Happy to have you there for the race. So now here is how the 5K went down and must say YHC is so proud of his M a little over a month ago she had falling and broke both wrist had surgery and comes out for her 2nd race ever and takes 2nd place in her age group with the time of 43:11. 3-Dog ran a 28:24 and took 5th in his age group. Part Time took 2nd place in his with the time of 28:52. YHC took 2nd place in age group with the time of 31:50. And the man of the hour for F3 T’ville Plank with a PR time of 26:24 and 6th place in his age group. Poor Plank was in a stout age group, but taking 3 minutes off his last years time and a new PR is nothing to be a shamed of. Good work men. #T’villtough #F3counts

Always an honor to work and run with you men. Clifford out!!

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