It’s the New Year but The Old ER!

  • When: 01/02/2017
  • QIC: Flamer
  • The PAX: Jordache*, HBC*, Short Sale*, Abraham, Cousin Eddie, Patty Mayo, Kapowski, Beaker, Taz, Bing, Flamer

There was a lot of hype on twitter about this 1st workout of the year but I think most of the Hickory pax (aka pansies) got scared off by the rain this morning.  Also, apparently there was some confusion about the start time this morning and few guys showed up early!  More to come on that.  Here’s how it went.

The Thang:

The old ER format.  AMRAP for the whole workout.  Start at 3rd Ave and N Center St intersection run up the hill 20 Merkins, 20 LBC’s; Run up the stairs to the top of the Frye parking deck, 20 Merkins, then back down the stairs, 20 LBC’s; then to the other end of the parking deck up the stairs to the top 20 Merkins, back down the stairs 20 LBC’s back to the bottom of the hill and that’s one lap.  Do as many laps as possible in the 45 minutes of the workout.  Each lap you subtract 1 rep.

  1. Jordache 8.25 laps* but he came back for more 4 laps (round 2) that actually counted
  2. Kapowski, Patty Mayo, Bing 6 laps
  3. HBC, Short Sale 6 laps*
  4. Abe 5.25 laps
  5. Flamer 5 laps
  6. Taz, Beaker, Cousin Eddie 4.25 laps


Check the twitters boys we did announce the time change to 6:30am a couple of times because of the holiday.  Three guys, Jordache, HBC, and Short Sale, showed up at 5:30 (hence the *, it’s an asterisk not a star, next to their number of laps).  Sorry, Jordache you’ll have to wait until April (the next time we have the old ER) to officially challenge Herniator’s record. Because it has to be an official F3 ER workout to count even though you had witnesses. There is something seriously wrong with Jordache though because he came back for 4 more laps at about 6:45 (T claps buddy).

YHC did Squats instead of LBC’s because he apparently has a torn or pulled oblique which is also why he bailed a few weeks ago at Ram when Chaser had the Q and called for 1,000 burpees and 500 merkins which I’ve been getting all kinds of crap about.  Note to self, don’t post if you’re injured because you will get made fun of a lot for not doing something the Q asks.  I know I deserve some of it though for the way it went down. Anywho, that’s over and done with but I know I’ll be taking crap for a while about that.  T3 rules!


Since I’m the Q, I decided to have the COT at Chick-Fila coffeeteria afterwards to get out of the rain.  Markup graced us with his presence at coffeeteria.  I’m pretty sure there’s a term in the lexicon for a guy that shows up for coffeeteria but not the workout.  We love you, Markup.  I read a quote from Dwight Schrute from the show, The Office, just to get the guys attention. “Before I do anything I ask myself, would an idiot do that? and if the answer is yes, I do not do that thing.  The real WOD or my word for the year, 2017 is RESOLVE.  I want to have the resolve to follow through with everything in my life…as a father, husband, at my job, F3 workouts, my relationship with God, etc.  If we try to do this alone by our own accord we will fail.  We must put our faith and trust in Christ to help us have resolve in everything we do.

Great work this morning fellas!

Until next time, Flamer out.

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Au contrarie, Flamer. You are to be admired for posting while injured. But next time, just do different exercises instead of disappearing into the gloom and you won’t get picked on so much. It’s the #irishgoodbye that gets you ridiculed. That injury you have is pretty bad. Heal up, brother.


Great job everyone and I enjoyed the fellowship even if it earned me the Starsky title. See you in the morning!