*Non Sanctioned Back Blast

  • When: 01/02/17
  • QIC: Nada
  • The PAX: HBC, Jordache, Short Sale

The old with 3 PAX in the rain at 5:30.

Please allow YHC to air some grievances. Well, not really grievances, more like strong opinions.

The Thang:

5:30 this morning YHC and a couple other PAX met at the ol’ downtown corner to take on the concrete beast we like to call the “ER”

5:30 came with what appeared to be a Q less Monday. Jordache asked HBC and YHC to witness his act of heroism as he attempted to break what was a record of laps.

The clock and workout began at 5:32


-top of hill 20 merkins/20 lbc’s

-back to park deck upstairs 20 merkins

-to the bottom across to stairs on other side

-20 merkins at top

-20 lbc’s at bottom

-back to the corner (repeat)

end at 6:17 (45mins)


HBC, Short Sale 6 laps

Jordache 8.25 laps


Theres a lot to say here so YHC will do my best to recap.

At 6:20ish the other PAX started rolling in and it was apparent there was a scheduled 6:30 workout and not the normal 5:30. The PAX made sure there were many tweets and emails referring to the time change (all is well, YHC should have read the tweets right?)


Here is where YHC wants to poke the bear;

-the 8.25 doesn’t count? It’s not official


Jordache – “Hey guys! Guess what? I ran 8 laps at the ER and set a new record!

HKY PAX – “no way man, you can’t beat the record if no one was there to witness”

Jordache – “ok, guys who make the rules, I’ll do it with witnesses to PROVE I AM THE GREATEST ER’r OF ALL TIME!! Grrrr!! (Then runs away quickly)

next Monday;

Jordache – “hey guys, do me a favor and witness my athletic act of dominance while I rewrite the record books with 8 laps”

HBC/SS – “okay man, sounds awesome, do it”

(then he lays down 8.25 smoking laps)

other PAX arrive:

SS – “Hey guys, where ya been?”

PAX -“read the twitters man, 6:30 ya bald non Twitter reader”

SS – “Jordache broke the record, 8.25 laps”

PAX – “nuh-uh, he didn’t, it’s not “official” don’t count”

(end scene)


-if a tree falls in the woods, does it make a sound? Official or not, the truth is there was a new record set this morning and YHC felt privileged to be there. Jordache completed the darn laps and had two witnesses. (Maybe not the most credible, -if a man can’t read a Tweet, how in the heck can he count to 8 and tell if 45 mins has gone by?)

Rules and order are great, but if you’re not seeing the big picture in what you do and why you do it then it becomes something different than what it is meant to be. YHC checked the rule book on official records. There isn’t one. In fact, there’s not a record book either. YHC checked on sanctioning the workout after  it was completed this morning. There’s no official sanctioning form either. (Pre or post workout)

“Great job Jordache” -That’s what should have been posted on the HKY twitter feed this morning by the HKY PAX.






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Actually there is a record book. I have it. But, there is no rule book. We workout outside. Outside there are no walls. People post rules on walls. But we have no walls, thus no rules. And since we don’t have any rules we don’t have a rule book. Don’t need one. But Jordache still doesn’t get credit for setting a new ER record. Not because he broke the rules (there are none, remember?), and not because he didn’t complete the most laps ever (he did), but he doesn’t get credit because he’s an idiot for posting at the wrong… Read more »
Cousin Eddie

And this is why we love Abraham.