Brett Favre circa 2009

  • QIC: Short Sale
  • The PAX: Has Been, Doc McStuffins, Doughboy, Short Sale

A chilly 27 degrees at The Mount this morning as the PAX rolled in. YHC was once again proud of these men just for making the decision to take their DRP in these cold temps.


(The Mount is in need of Q’s and has been drafting talent from the greater Hickory area for some time. Going into 2017 the goal was to be mostly self sufficient. Q school was scheduled for this Saturday with the MV PAX slated to Q in the coming weeks. Without the school YHC took a vote and decided to hold class (of sorts) with some on the job training. So the round robin Q it was)

SSH IC  (Short Sale)

Windmills IC (Has Been)

Toe Touches IC (Doughboy)

IST IC (Doc)

Mosey to cul de sac


Freddy M’s IC (HB)

Box Cutters IC (DB)

‘Merican Hammers IC (Doc)

Mosey to wall

Dec Merkins IC (SS)

Dips IC (HB)

Decline Merkins (Doc)

Wide Arm Merk’s (DB)

Mosey to blocks

C4G’s IC (SS)

Gob Squats IC (HB)

OHP’s IC, Bench Press IC, Block Push-ups IC, Kettle Bell Swings IC(sort of), Lat Lifts IC, Block Burpees IC, (that’s what YHC remembers anyway, there were probabaly more here)

Blocks up, mosey to parking stripes

to end of parking lot squat +1 each line, then backwards -1

mosey to lower parking lot, cross and back; Bear Crawls, Duck Walks, Crab Walks (favorite), practice cadence with planking 4 count across parking line.

Mosey to flag/COT

Countarama, Namearama, announcements WOD,


-a story about a life experience in 2009 that changed the way YHC looks at two things;

-preparation; the preparation should be the hard part. Done correctly, preparation can make the hard things in life much easier. Embrace the preparation and achieve the hard.

-know who is important in your life. Invest in the people who matter most to you and never take that for granted.

Moleskin/truth nugget;

YHC is a Vikings fan and knows Nothing is a sure bet. -The VIKES were 5 and 0 early this season?!

Take for example the weather. Will it snow Saturday?

In 2009, Will Brett Favre retire this year?

What time does the ER workout really start?

Q school?

-at the end of the day, just be prepared and know what truly matters.









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