History is Written by the Victors

  • When: 01/11/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie (actually Powder, but he was a Fartsack)
  • The PAX: Taz, Herniator, Abraham, Squints, Markup, Flamer, Suppository

History is written by the victors.
– Winston Churchill

wonder what he means by that? Does he mean that tales of swashbuckling heroes that defeat evil hordes by the dozens could possibly be a stretching of the truth? Hmmm, with that in mind, here goes:

Ed and Flamer took Gold and Silver today. That’s right, we finished 1st and 2nd place overall. At first we both thought that a few folks had gone home early since no one was in the parking lot waiting on us slow guys, per usual. But after we were cooling down and already dreaming of bacon, egg and cheese biscuits here comes Herniator, Suppository, and Squints (the fast guys).
Could they have taken a longer route? Maybe.
Could they have passed us twice since we took a shortcut and they didn’t? Whatever dude.
When they possibly passed us, did they make it look like we were running in cement shoes? It’s posible.
Were Abraham, Taz, and Markup ahead of us until Abe got a hitch in his giddy up and Taz and Markup were nice enough to stop with him while me and Flamer kept going? It’s possible.
But did they write this backsplash? Back Blast? Nope.
Were Ed and Flamer the first ones to reach the parking lot? Hugh Damn Right!

ed out.

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