Some Ran, Some Fall, All Good

  • When: 01/13/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Igloo, markup, Twig, Patty Mayo, Taz, Beaker, Jordache, Billie Jean, Flamer, HBC, Herniator, Gasser, Cropduster, Humpy, Powder, Udder Butter, Sooner, Publix, Sleeper, Suppository, Hot Lips, Cousin Eddie

Conditions: Warm


Little Arm Circles x10 OYO
Little Arm Circles x10 OYO, other direction

Mosey to LR baseball field. Jump brick fence for slight B&E.
20 burpees at 1st base
15 burpees at 2nd base
10 burpees at 3rd base
5 burpees at home

Mosey to apartments for quick LBC’s IC

The B&E got good to me and thought we could do the same at Hickory High and use their track and huge hill. Unfortunately, that place is hemmed down tighter than Beaker’s wallet so continue to next exercise.

Mosey to bottom of Hickory High hill, berp and merk.
1 regular burpee at bottom and top of hill
1 double merkin burpee at bottom and top
1 3 merkin burpee at bottom and top
4 merkin burpee….same
5 merkin burpee….stay at top

Mosey to Starbucks to stick it to the man, Monkey Humper style. x15 IC

Mosey to side street that was so busy, it made the traffic jams at Hurler look like a vacant lot. Sorry about that one.


Mosey back to LR.

WOD: quotes from Dr Martin Luther King Jr. T-Claps to that man, one heck of an inspiration to YHC.

Public thoughts to self:
– so the name of the title is from the fact that YHC, Sooner, and Publix all did headers this am. Is that a new record?
– wonder if MLK Jr could do any burpees?
– leaves are slippery when wet
– YHC has fallen more than most folk. Do I possibly need a Life Alert? For you young’ns, watch this: (
– hey Sooner, be careful when trying to kick a man while he’s down…Karma will sneak up and kick you in the a-noose.
– not sure why Monkey Humpers sticks it to The Man, but I like saying that.
– Publix looked like he got hit by a sniper when he went down on that tree root. Not graceful sir.
– T Claps to Flamer, Humpy, and Cropdusty for completing the whole workout. Ok, last time I’ll give you grief for your #irishgoodbye…..don’t believe that.
– no Reynolds were consulted before this workout
– despite the 60 degree weather, Powder was still in his full Under Armour Cold Gear attire. He obviously needs to protect this house
– 22 pax is a lot of folk. Thanks to all that came out, I enjoyed myself thoroughly
– Are we getting problematic at ? Consistantly high numbers as of late. Who’s ready to step up to the plate and open up a new AO?
– Always a pleasure to Q for you.
– If you’ve read this far, T-claps.
– If a backblast has no comments, did the workout really happen?

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Heloooooo Cousin Eddie!!! Yes, at least ONE PAX reads almost every Back Blast. You may have seen Mini Me’s tweet yesterday asking if BB’s were necessary. I was about to reply back to him and let him know that IMHO they are a total waste of time. But they do have comedic value as exhibited here. It’s like I could enjoy seeing you guys fall all over again! And like I could relive the JOY of burpees. Did I tell you how much I LOVE doing burpees?? Well I do! #ismyreversepsychologyworking Great workout, even better back blast, thank you for… Read more »

OH dang – did I say Back Blast – meant Back Splash! I <3 Burpees!!! #stillnotworking??

Final Comment – For Now. Should we have a BackSplash for last nights Happy Hour?? If so I vote for Beaker to write it since he was the fearless leader. Also I suggest we brew our own craft beer. I’m thinking an Imperial IPA named “The Weasel Shaker”. I’m guessing a shaken weasel would hop around a bit – so the more hoppy the better. Maybe an ABV of 10.3 or thereabouts. But it would not only be served in a tall, bold, cold double pint size. Not one of those girly glasses like Flamer was sporting last night with… Read more »

Observations from the AO…Burpees suck. Running doesn’t. Powder offered to help me over the wall and didn’t (I don’t need no stinkin help). The Man doesn’t even wake up until 0800 so… CropDaddy may be on to something. My extensive research shows that there is a Weasel Boy, Fat Weasel, and Tree Shaker, but no Weasel Shaker. That is all.

Udder Butter

Cousin Eddie, your BB is some of ur best work. I laughed my udders off! ” like he was shot by a sniper “- hilarious, especially because I was there to see it in motion. For a moment there I thought we had a gator on the loose In Hky. UR fall- special. Great Q man, and better wrightup. I appreciate ur work.

My comment about back blast: it provides/requires accountability, which is part of the whole reason we are in the F3 .

UB out