Microwave It and Serve It Up

  • When: 01/24/17
  • QIC: Abraham
  • The PAX: Plank, Binary, Cable Guy. Part-time, Hot Lips. Abraham

I preach once a year at the Holden Beach Chapel. Someone once asked me if I write a special sermon for those vacationers. Are you kidding? No. I pick my favorite sermon from the past year, re-heat it, and serve it up. Hey, I’m on vacation too. C’mon, man, give a preacher a break. So, when I was tasked with Qing my second workout in less than a week (and because it was at a totally different AO with no cross-pollination) I popped last week’s #Howitzer game plan in the microwave, zapped the rays to it, and served it up at #.

The Thang
The Thang was the 2nd coming of the Super 21 workout.
Mosey to Hardware Hill, stopping 3 times along the way for a few warm-up exercises. Nothing to brag about; a few SSHs, Mtn. climbers, & ISTs.
Once at the bottom of Hardware Hill YHC explained the Super 21 workout. Start at the bottom with 1 merkin, run to the top for 21 Star Jumps. Back to the bottom to 2 merkins, to the top for 20 Star Jumps, etc.. Keep at this like a Jacob’s Ladder until done.
‘Cept nobody got done. We ran out of time around 15 or 16 merkins. But, it was a heckuva effort by the PAX.

Again, recycled from last Thursday, “Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” Yes, it is. So stop whining when your preacher preaches on God’s wrath occasionally. It’s real and it’s in the Bible. Angry preachers unite!

Great job, men. We put in 45 minutes of tough work and ran over 3 miles while doing it. A special word about Binary: YHC really respects this man. Not many of us have been hit by a truck while cycling, had a partial hip replacement, and still have enough guts to post at a F3 workout knowing it’s going to hurt like crazy no matter what the Q calls for. But even when we call for something that will really hurt given his past injuries, he puts his head down and does it. T-claps, Binary. You are an inspiration.
Good gloom workout, men.

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