T’Ville Tough at Copperhead

  • When: 01/28/17
  • QIC: Plank
  • The PAX: The Dude, Clifford BRD, Three-Dog, Part Time, Novocaine, Pedro Martini, PBJ, Plank

First of All the T Ville Pax is getting stronger and stronger.  4 PAX posted for a prerun this AM then got ready to endure a heavy does of pain dreamed up by YHC.  8 circled up around the shovel flag in 24 degree conditions.  It started quick and this is what happened….

  • SSH IC x 20
  • ATT  IC x 20
  • Windmills   IC x 20
  • Copperhead Squats   IC x 20
  • Vertical Mnt Climbers   IC x 20
  • Flying Squirrels OYO x 5
  • Horizontal Mnt Climgers   IC x 20

Mosey PAX to the wall at the furniture company.

Everyone gets a parking lot line for Mogul Jumps   IC x 40  (crowd pleaser)

  • Wall Sit  10 count
  • Joe Fraziers   IC x 20
  • Wonder Bras   IC x 20
  • Australian Mnt Climbers   IC x 10

Mosey Pax to the road at back of park for 3 round of 25s

Round 1  (Arms)

  • 25 Wide Arm Merkins  Sprint length of road
  • 25 Right Arm Stagger Merkins  Sprint length of road
  • 25 Diamond Merkins   Sprint length of road
  • 25 Left Arm Stagger Merkins  Sprint length of road

Round 2 (Core)

  • 25 IST   IC x 25   Sprint length of road
  • 25 Squats  Sprint length of road
  • 25 Star Jumps  Sprint length of road
  • 25 Burpees  Sprint length of road  (we had a little mutiny on this one)

Round 3 (abs)

  • 25 LBC   IC x 25  Sprint length of road
  • 25 Flutter Kicks  IC x 25 Sprint length of road
  • 25 RBC   IC x 25  Sprint length of road
  • 25 WWII  Sprint length of road

PAX high knees run length of road

PAX karaoke run length of road

PAX sprint length of road

PAX reverse run length of road

Mosey PAX to wall at bathrooms for 20 feet of wall walkers

Mosey PAX to covered gazebo for the following:

  • Incline Merkins   IC x 20
  • Box Jumps  OYO x 10
  • Dips   IC x 10
  • Box Jumps  OYO x 10
  • Dips  IC x 10
  • Decline Merkins   IC x 10

Mosey Pax to shovel flag for Lunges IC x 10

Done, Breath

What an great day to work hard with these men.  You know i can remember when most of these guys started, YHC included, and they have gotten stronger and stronger.  It really is impressive to see just how tough these guys are, really are not afraid to give anything a try.  Well except for Clifford BRD when you call 25 burpees…Sorry BRD you did bail on that one…Just is impressive results for sticking with F3 and getting results.  Keep it up men….

Mumble Chatter was better than expected but these guys kept up with what was thrown at them.. Novocaine needs to get some gloves….tough dude.  PBJ is only 9 but posts with his Dad (#HIM) every Saturday morning like clockwork..Way to lead this 2.0 Pedro Martini…

WOD  Mathew  13:58  “And he did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith”  Jesus blesses faith.  Faith matters and there is a direct correlation between our faith in God and His responsiveness.  We must have faith, deep rooted faith in Christ and who he is…

Announcements and Prayer requests.

Plank led us out in Prayer..

Plank out…..









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Stupid Burpees. All I have to say is every man knows his limits. It was a great beat down until then.