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  • When: 02/01/17
  • QIC: Fuse
  • The PAX: Hot Lips, Humpy, Flamer, Powder, Igloo, HBC, Kapowski, Jordache, Squints, Herniator, Thunderdome, Taz, Sooner, Markup

The route: North up 127, Right on 26th Ave(past papa johns), all the way down until you turn right at razor Hill, south on 5th street ne, right on 8th Ave, turn right on 4th street nw for 5 miles, keep going and turn right on 6th street nw for 5.5.


To give an accurate recount of this run is next to impossible, I ran the majority with Kapowski and I could tell you all about that but I’ll spare the details.  I’ll use a little creative liberty and tell you how I THINK everyones ineternal dialog went:

TD: I don’t know what all the huffing and puffing is about, it’s easy, just one foot in front of the other

Herniator, Jordasche: Dang whipper snapper… I’ll show him

Taz:  I can’t wait for this baby to sleep so I can get back up front

Powder: Oh Crap! I’m about to have a baby!

Squints: I can run forever, no need to show off.

Hot Lips: I wonder how much paper work I’ll have to fill out today at the clinic?

Igloo: I wonder if they’ll notice I was late and running reverse route?

Markup: Soup, soup, soup, gotta make soup.

Sorry If I didn’t get to you… I’m running out of time, but on a serious note, if anyone knows and “non-runners” that would like to start, we can start a weekly short route option.



We are often tempted not to trust in God but to trust in our faith tradition of trusting in God. They are not the same thing! Talking about our saints and theologians who trusted in God is a clever way to avoid the experience itself, to avoid encounter with the living God, to avoid the ongoing Incarnation. We tend to trust the past for its own sake, as if past time is somehow holier than the present. God did not come to earth to protect human traditions. In fact, Jesus pointedly asks the Pharisees and scribes, “Why do you transgress the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition?” (Matthew 15:3, RSV).

-Richard Rohr

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