You’re Going To Hate Me, But…

  • When: 02/07/17
  • QIC: Jordache
  • The PAX: Has Been, Short Sale, Mr. Rogers, Doc McStuffins, Steam Engine, Sweet Heat

Words that you never want to hear, “You’re going to hate me, but…” especially at 5:30AM! YHC may have been guilty of uttering that phrase more than once this morning at THE MOUNT while channeling my inner ‘Tony Horton’. I will admit, my arms are pretty sore, so mark-up any grammatical errors as an involuntary loss of muscle control.

SSH – 20 IC
Humpies – 10 IC
Plank Jacks – 25 IC
Arm Circles F – 30 IC
Arm Circles R – 30 IC


Mosey over to a longer stretch of parking lot & grab 2 bricks.

– Lunge / Kickback / Curl Press for the length of the parking area.

With bricks still in hand, mosey over to the wall.

– Wide Flys (with bricks) – 15 IC
– Wall Squats
– Wall Squats w/ overhead press using bricks
– Curls – 15 IC
(Repeat, minus the curls the 2nd time through.)

Mosey over to return bricks and then mosey out of the parking lot to the end of the street. Partner up!

While one partner runs to the entry sign and back, the other performs the assigned exercise until the cumulative count total is complete.

– Twerkins (under the fence) – 100
– Incline Merkins (using the curb) – 100
– Decline Merkins (using the curb) – 100
– Diamond Merkins – 100

Mosey back to the flag for some AB love.
– American Hammers – 20 IC
– Bicycles – 20 IC
– Windshield Wipers – 15 SC
– Box Cutters – 15 IC

John 3:18 – “…let us stop saying we love people; let us really love them, and show it by our actions.”

Our church just started a new series entitled ‘LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE’, which is challenging us to stop looking at the current season of our life as ‘JUST’ the next step, whether it be our job or where the city that we live. But instead, how about we focus on how God wants to use us right now, where He has placed us. One practical way that we can do this is by inviting a co-worker, one that we don’t know very well, out to lunch and focus on truly getting to know them. If we invited a new co-worker each week for the next 3 weeks, think about the influence that we could begin to build in our jobs, where God has placed us.

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