A one legged man, woman, and pig walk into ….

  • When: 02/18/17
  • QIC: Band Camp
  • The PAX: Banjo, 2 Ply, Crop Duster, Assid, Twig, Band Camp

Sounds like a bad joke?  Well it was a worse story.  But that’s not for another hour, so lets get started:

Why are there more Driver’s Ed cars in the parking lot than Pax????  A good question to ponder.

15 each, in cadence:

  • Side straddle hops
  • imperial storm troopers
  • alternating toe touches
  • little arm circles
  • mountain climbers

A little Indian run through the bus parking lot and around the school to the student parking lot.  Hey Crop….this is an Indian run…quit the mumble chatter and move up to the front!!!!

In each parking section, do an exercise for half the length, then mosey to the other side to do some more work:

  • lunge walks, mosey, then 20 merkins in cadence
  • butt kicks, mosey, then 20 squats in cadence
  • high knee skip, mosey, then 15 merkins in cadence
  • karioke, mosey, then 15 squats in cadence
  • high knee, mosey, then 10 merkins in cadence

Find a line.

  • 20 hot foot side to side, then 20 Imperial storm troopers in cadence
  • 40 hot foot front to back, then 20 Hillbillies in cadence
  • 20 switch foot (criss cross on 1, return on 2, 180 jump on 3, 180 jump on 4), then 20 squat jacks
  • 20 calf raises on the curb

Mosey to the picnic tables for a little Nikki Minaj-a-trois.  Groups of 3.  Pax 1 is on pullups for AMRAP, Pax 2 is on picnic tables for step ups AMRAP, Pax 3 is 20 Peter Parkers.  When Pax 3 finishes, rotate and continue.

Mosey to block pile and grab 2 friends…one block for each hand (so the left hand doesn’t get jealous of the right), then down to the blacktop.  Banjo apparently got in an argument with his friend, b/c he slammed it down and shattered its soul.  That’s not very nice, Banjo.

  • 20 bench press with block 2 on your gut.
  • 20 curls with 1 block in each hand
  • 15 standing skull crushers (overhead tricepts)
  • 15 lawn mower pulls on each side
  • The Simba!  Hold the block out in front of you like Rafiki does with young Simba on Pride Rock in the opening of Lion King.  Keep holding it out there for all of the world to see while we take turns singing songs from Lion King.  We heard “I just can’t wait to be king…” and “In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight”.  Somehow…we ran out of songs to sing (seriously guys…its a musical!!!)  so we accepted any Disney song.  That helped a little, but 2 Ply INSISTS he knows no songs.  C’mon, man…these blocks are heavy…sing something!  Finally… a little Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious.  And no..I’m not spell checking that.

Stack the blocks against the wall and have a seat on the wall.  We then moved the block stack from one end of the wall to the other while in the peoples chair.  And again.  And again.

Return the blocks and back to the flag.

So we did a 4 minute plank with changing limb requirements and we had to tell a story.  Every 30 seconds we changed positions without stopping plank, AND we changed story tellers.

  • plank 30 sec
  • plank lift 1 leg 30 sec
  • lift other leg 30
  • lift one arm 30
  • lift other arm 30
  • lift one each alternating arm and leg 30
  • switch
  • lift both arms and legs (yes, that’s right… ok…so its a superman) for 30

We ended up with a 1 legged man, a 1 legged woman, chasing a 1 legged pig into the ocean where a 1 finned shark chased them all in circles.


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