• When: 2/18/2017
  • QIC: The Dude
  • The PAX: Part Time, Plank, Clifford BRD, Pedro Martini, Novacane, PB&J, Tape Worm, and Frag

VeggieTales was scheduled to Q today, but, he had to work so yhc subbed for him. The day got off to a rough start when yhc jumped into the silver toaster only to find the battery was dead. Now in a hurry, jump into the swagger wagon and start the 25 minute drive to .  Made it just in time. Still beat Clifford there and he’s only 5 minutes away.

9 pax would post and will make copperhead creek history.

10 Humpies ic

10 Alt toe touches. Yhc can’t watch Clifford do these


Now the record breaking day begins. Something yhc calls 20/20. We would run a total of 2.5 miles and stop 20 times to perform 20 merkins each stop. If you’re mathematically challenged that’s 400 total merkins. Shattering the previous 320 merkin record.

Part Time couldn’t figure out why yhc was wearing gloves because yhc never wears them. Didn’t take him long to figure it out when he said “now I know why you’re wearing gloves, it’s because of all these daggum merkins you’re making us do”. He was right.

We stop at a awesome walled in parking lot and do 4 corners. 25 Freddie mercuries at 1st corner, run to next corner for 25 dying cockroaches, next corner 25 American hammers, and the final corner 50 lbcs. Frag noticed yhc left a sweaty copperhead creek logo on the pavement.

Next up we run to the ramp at the parking deck and lunge walk up the ramp.

On top of the deck we lunge walk to each pillar. At each pillar perform a burpee. Repeat to the end of the deck.

Run to the steps for 20 cat raises, yeah yhc got tongue tied and meant to say calf. Clifford mocked a cat in heat the whole time we performed these.

Below the deck we did 10 x ups oyo, modified side to side lbcs and American hammers.

Run to the ball field and box jump the concrete bleachers up and back down.

Run back to the park. During the run the entire pax got caught up in a conversation about someone stealing a giant cock. T’ville apparently made national news about this. What ever happened to what’s happens in T’ville, stays in T’ville?

We finished our last 20 of the 400 merkins decline style. Followed by some dips.

6 minutes of Mary included some more lbcs, Jane fondas, and some sandy v’s. Plank and Part Time were very eager to demonstrate these. They learned about this while capturing the “ghost flag”. What were these guys really doing in Gastonia?


The pax was awesome today. They hit it hard and motivated yhc. Proud of these men. Not only did they do 400 merkins, they ran 2.5 miles, and performed all other things mentioned above in 1 hour. Mumble chatter was at a all time high. You could tell pb&j was feeling better because he killed it. Frag was stout as usual. Pedro puts his head down and goes to work. It’s amazing to watch him improve in such a short time. Novacane has the best form while doing merkins. Everyone should copy his form. Tape Worm is one of the quite ones but he just knocks it out. Clifford was full of it today. Seems he was out to just heckle the q. Maybe burpees will muzzle the dog next time. Plank and Part Time are redwoods and will handle anything you throw at them. #Tvilletough


Several Mark Twain quotes. Too lazy to type them. Smart phone typing is not fun. Besides, does anyone actually read these things anyway?

Great times had by all. Couldn’t think of a better way to start the weekend, than to put in work with my brothers. Drop the mic The Dude is out!

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