Ode to Presidents, also someone busted their butt

  • When: 02/20/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Abraham, Fuze, Publix, Jordache, Root, Bing, Kapowski, Cousin Eddie

YHC is a history nerd. So for each exercise, there was a meaning behind all the number of reps called.

Warmup: ATT x15 IC

Disclaimer. While waiting on the 6, fast guys must do Al Gore exercise.
– 1 pull up* (1 is the number of real teeth that George Washington owned), mosey to corner
– Dollys x18 IC and x14 IC (in 1814, while the White House was set on fire by British troops, Dolly Madison saved the famous painting of George Washington. Rumor has it that as she was leaving the WH, she gave British Gen. Fancybottom the middle finger), mosey to bottom of Oakwood Hill,
– 4 Burpees OYO (FDR served 4 Presidential terms), mosey up Oakwood Hill,
– 22 Monkey Humpers OYO (22nd amendment was created to limit presidents to 2 terms), mosey to bottom of hill,
– 4 Burpees (Thomas Jefferson could read 4 languages – English, Latin, French, and Spanish), mosey to bottom of Test Hill,
– 32 Plank Jacks IC (Wm Henry Harrison died after only 32 days in office), mosey to top of Test Hill,
– 20 Squats IC (US Grant smoked 20 cigars a day…also $20 says there’s no way he could have run up Test Hill), mosey to bottom of parking deck
– 36 merkins (Gerald Ford was a Yellowstone Park Ranger in ’36)
Indian Run to the top of parking deck
– 53 WW2 sit ups (Reagan was in 53 movies), run down 2 flights of steps, across to other stairs and back up to top
– 76 Lunges (Lincoln’s height in inches), down to stairs, across, and back up
– 80 Jane Fondas (It took 80 days after a gun shot wound for Garfield to die), down steps, across, back up
– 100 LBC’s (James Madison weighed 100 lbs), down steps, across, back up
– 332 ISS (Taft’s weight? You guessed it – 332. Dude got stuck in a bath tub in the White House. That’s fat), mosey to flag

* Apparently not everyone can jump up to the pull up bar. This was a completely failed attempt, especially for my boy Publix. Dude did a lunge for the bar, miss the bar, fall on ass routine. The FOAR looked like it hurt real bad too. I’ll take 48% responsibility for that too. Sorry fella.

Re-read a backblast from Abraham. It was a shameless promotion to get folks to come to our 3rd F events, but especially the one that happens immediately after Howitzer tomorrow am. Please post and then please post-post at 1st Baptist’s Connection Center. Free coffee!

Thoughts of the day:
– pull up bar needs to be about 10 inches lower for the shorties.
– Plan A was to go down to the Blair Witch house behind the vacant house and do some exercises. Have you seen that thing? It’s pretty creepy. Concern for Publix’s general well being got me rattled so I completely forgot about that.
– at least good ole William Howard Taft didn’t weigh 450 lbs.
– George Washington’s famous fake teeth were never wooden.
– James Madison not only weighed 100 lbs, but he was 5′ – 4″. HBC could definitely take him to the rack if they played one on one….I’d pay to watch those 2 go toe to toe.
– I’ll bet he was a runner
– Didn’t have time to do: 18 diamond merkins & 12 Burpees for Andrew Jackson (war of 1812) or 15 hand release merkins for John Tyler’s 15 kids.

Always a pleasure to lead these men. Until next time…which is Wednesday at Arrow. POST!

Ed Out.

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