Blackjack Hill

  • When: 02/21/17
  • QIC: Two Stroke
  • The PAX: Cropduster, Udder Butter, Twig, Banjo, 2-Ply, Friar, Tater Hole, Tumbleweed, Two Stroke

So YHC had this idea of making everything 21 to match the day.  Terrible idea. Here’s how it went.

Warm-up: SSH 21 IC, Humpies 21 IC, Windmills 21 IC, Hairy Rockettes (Alt Toe Touches) 21 IC, Chinooks to Lil Arm Circles 21 IC

Now for the main attraction; A modified huffin, puffin, gruntin hillside blackjack beatdown.

Start at bottom of hill with 1 big boy sit-up, run to top of hill (probably 90yds) for 20 peter-parker merkins (terrible idea), then 2 sit ups and 19 bad ideas…you get the point. This went on for 20 minutes or about halfway through the reps, and YHC called the audible, or we would have been on that hill until 0800 hrs. YHC dropped the peter parkers off the merkin. This picked the pace up and got us off that hill.

That’s it. Thank goodness, that’s it.

WOD: 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 (Please take a moment to read)

Let us focus on that which is unseen, rather then those things which are seen. Do not be disheartened or discouraged by the light and temporary troubles of the day and this world, rather find the ways to be strengthened by them. Focus on what is eternal as we navigate through these stages of our lives.




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