Big Houses, Big Hills, Big Fun

  • When: 02/22/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Fuze, Taz, Markup, Hot Lips, Flamer, Kapowski, Squints, Herniator, Patty Mayo, Cousin Eddie

Weather: Spittin’ rain. 50’ish.

Route: Right on 16th Ave SN, down to Hutton Estate, right on Lake Road – which is actually 6th St, who’da thunk it? Right on road across from Glen Hilton Park, next left, up hill, down hill, up hill, Right on Road w/ Big Houses (as noted by Patty Mayo), quick left on 20th Ave Cir Ct, wind around, take a Louie on the road that leads to Big E(leanor), another Louie, right to go down Big E, turn around when you’re ready – which was real quick in my case, back up Big E, left, right on road that leads away from Big E, another right, then a Louie up that long slow hill that leads to the Country Club road, right at 4 way stop to run behind Corinth, last Louie to run to Corinth parking lot.

If you followed that course w/out any hitches, you’re
A: from Hickory
B: following someone from Hickory
C: really good at listening to directions
D: all the above

– if running up Eleanor wasn’t bad enough, our own Herniator decided that running it twice would be fun.
– it was duly noted that on his 2nd trip, he still blew by me like I was running in place…which is pretty much what I was doing.
– hills suck
– Flamer doesn’t like hills any more than I do
– Flamer, Kapowski are still convinced that there aren’t hills on the P200. Best of luck w/ that fellas. Only difference between Hickory hills and SC hills is that their hills are covered in peanut fields, outdoor gyms, Powder’s prom site, and Gamecock flags.
– the infamous yard jockey still stands in front of Cass Ballanger’s (US House of Representatives guy) house. That dude caught flack for that in ’85. 30+ years later and it still stands. Is he even alive?
– Taz is scared of dogs. Dude went from zero to 60 in 2.5
– Markup pulled an HBC today and talked the entire time he was running. How is that possible? I’m choking on my own dry spittle and he’s just yucking it up….
– come hell or high water, Hot Lips is going to beat me every time. I think I’m his barometer of slowness. Must. Beat. Cuz. Impressive sir.
– Did anyone even see Squints, Fuze, and Kapo running? I think they Uber’d a ride back. Someone check their phones please.
– Who am I kidding? Squints still has a StarTac phone. There’s no way he even knows how to use the interwebs, much less figure out what an Uber is.
– Anyone know if Plank is done w/ his Little Arm Circles yet? Come and get ready for your Tuna Run.
– if you’re still reading this, your name is Cropduster.
– all backblasts matter. Seriously. There’s been a slight mumbling of whether or not BB are worth writing. Hugh Damn Right they are. WRITE YOUR BACKBLASTS PEOPLE.

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OK, I stand corrected about back blasts, OK???. This backblast made me lol – and I had that 3 letter abbreviation! Yes, I followed the description of the route. Yes, I was born here almost 60 years ago – when Squints was a little babe playing with his StarTac phone! Yes, I am glad I chose to run in GF and missed these hills – although they have a few of their own! Cass Ballenger died on February 18, 2015. Is Mr. Mayo Patty or Patti? Just Checking?

ps: You owe me $20