Really heavy things

  • When: 2/22/2017
  • QIC: Clifford BRD
  • The PAX: VeggieTales, Trigger, and Clifford BRD

3 PAX rolled out of their comfy fart sacks this cool and damp gloom to post at for a beatdown we would all regret. You see it all started with The Dude last Saturday at wanting to set a record for the most Merkins dealt out on the T’ville PAX at 400. Thanks Dude you have now inspired us all to up the ante. So all day yesterday YHC was brainstorming ideas for something new and would be a record setting beatdown. And this is what was spawned.

C.O.P. all IC

SSH x 15
Moroccan Nightclub x 40
Merkin x 10
LBC x 20
Windmill x 15
IST x 15
ATT x 15
American Tiger Hold x 3 (9 count)
Squat x 15

Now the record setting fun begins. YHC decided to use none other then his 4050 pound car about 100 pounds of cinderblocks in the trunk.

The car was used to run a Dora 123 with blocks.
100 goblet squat
200 curls for girls
300 bench press

So as one man stayed back to perform the exercise the other two PAX pushed the car up a slight incline for 50 yards then back to start point and flapjack until all counts were done.

Jacob’s Ladder start with 10 LBC and 1 Reverse LBC finish with 1 LBC and 10 Reverse LBC.

Date with Mary all IC
Flutter Kick x 10
Box Cutter x 10


So YHC seems to think that this is just the beginning of a lot of stupidity. When YHC pulled into The Station this gloom Trigger and VeggieTales looked like they was ready to get started, but that wouldn’t last long. Upon telling PAX what was about to happen their smiles fell right off their faces. VeggieTales came really close to a splash down, he did say he would let YHC count it, but YHC’s a nice guy.

Clifford closed out in prayer.

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