Was it a Smurf on a shelf? I’m just so confused.

  • When: 2/23/17
  • QIC: Udder Butter
  • The PAX: 2 Ply, Twig, Tater Hole, Assid, Banjo, Band Camp, Panda

The morning was ominously foggy and maybe that’s why my thought patterns were wacky today at . No, I put this workout together prior to this morning so I can’t blame the weather. So what in the world was I thinking (or smoking) when I led these brave men through a Wonderlandish adventure? Who knows, but all I hope is that they appreciated the net result.

YHC loosely tied a series of mini workouts together with some word association and a piece of mortar (and don’t forget some rope).  There were perplexing looks as we started out but by the end, I think all the Pax had bought into my koolaid , or were they just ready for the madness to stop- and the quickest way was to just nod and move on.

it all started with a reference to how when I sit back to observe God’s glory I realize how small we really are. Small people leads me to think about Smurfs. First exercise is Smurf Jacks…you get the idea.

So here is the thang as it went down.

Smurf jacks x 20 IC
Monkey humpers x 20 IC (you don’t want to know the story that led to this one).

Mosey to blocks- ea Pax gets 1

Around back of church and up and cross to Post Office. When I think of a Post Office I think of the  Mail Carriers and how they haul the mail around – so we need to do:
H-High knees with our block friend around the pkg lot x2
A-20 block American Hammers
U-run around pkg lot with block UP over our heads. X2
L-20 block leg presses (because some walk their routes)

Then 10 block burpees just because we need them.

Mosey down the street and turn onto Midway St which reminds me of Pearl Harbor- which was Bombed
B-20 bent rows
O-20 OH Presses
M-20 block Merkins
B-10 block Burpees
S-20 block squats

Mosey to Madison Ave- which reminds me of NY City- high end retail- so everyone needs Cash
C-20 curls
A-Australian Mt climbers x20
S-20 skull crushers
H-Hand arounds (back to back) 10 revolutions each direction

Grab your friend and mosey to warehouse – dock workers have to load and unload trucks so next anagram will be LOAD-Exercise will be in succession this time.

YMC handed out ropes with prettied knots. “Leash up your friends boys. Don’t let them get out into traffic.” The routine included: Leaping up onto the dock. Opposing gravity by hoisting up your block. Assending the elevated ramp carrying your friend, then down the stairs and Delivering your friend back to the beginning.  The plan was to do 10 revolutions but we cut short to 5 each due to time.
L-leap onto the dock
O- Oppose gravity by Lifting block using rope
A-Ascend dock
D-descend/deliver block back down

Doubletime Mosey back across the tracks home – tracks remind me of bears

We were out of time and unable to do the next section (below) but we were able to sneak in a few of the Elf on the shelf routine with the 2 minutes we had left.

B-20 bench presses
E-Elf on Shelf x 20 single
A-Ab ever of ur choice x20
R-20 rail hops

COT: read from Luke 1 about Zechariah and Elizabeth. Lived a ‘blameless’ life and God saw and used them accordingly. We need to live blameless in order to be ready for when (Not If) God is ready to use you.

We had several requests we prayed over.

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