4 Corners Escalator of Pain +1

  • When: 02/25/17
  • QIC: 2 Ply
  • The PAX: Friar, Banjo, Twig, Assid, Band Camp, Charmin, Snips

Well the gloom wasn’t so prominent on this morning as we were blessed with an early sunrise/sunlight.  However, as the other Pax were in bed or getting ready for the 300, this Q was out on the soccer field laying out the 4 Corner Escalator exercises.

Yes, this Q is quite anal, and the exercises were laid out on a sheet of paper, laminated and stapled on a stake that was hammered in the ground.  Of course in line with the American Flag, 3 of the corners had the stakes hammered through cones – Red, White, Blue.

Here’s out the workout went down: 8 Pax in attendance

Warm-ups: Side straddle hops, Humpies, Alternating Toe Touch, Little Arm Circles (both directions), Windmills (Abe Vigoda style, meaning very slowly) – that’s so us old farts don’t tear something – all x 15 reps.

We then moseyed to the block pile where each PAX picked up a little friend.  We then headed down the hill to the soccer field.  Not sure why, but this field must be wet 365 days/year.  Time to roll around, pig style.

This was not your typical 4 Corners Escalator as this Q decided to add a center section of exercises to concentrate on our abs for some good ole’ Core Strengthening.

Here’s how the exercises went:

1st Corner – 10 block merkins; Run to center and do 10 WWII Sit ups; Run back to 1st corner, get little friend and mosey (with block) to Corner #2

2nd Corner – 10 block merkins, 20 block bent over rows; Run to center – 10 WWII Sit ups, 20 American Hammers; Run back to 2nd Corner, get friend and mosey to 3rd corner.

3rd Corner – 10 block merkins, 20 block bent over rows, 30 block chest presses; Run to center – 10 WWII Sit ups, 20 American Hammers, 30 LBC’s; Run back to 3rd corner, get friend and mosey to 4th corner.

4th Corner – 10 block merkins, 20 block bent over rows, 30 block check presses, 40 block squats; Run to center – 10 WWII Sit ups, 20 American Hammers, 30 LBC’s, 40 RBC’s; When finished – Al Gore’s (squat position, hugging an imaginary tree) until all PAX are finished.

After a brief recovery, moseyed length of soccer field and back.

By the way, we’re @ the top of the Escalator and there is only 1 way back down.  We reversed the order and headed back down the escalator – 40,30, 20, 10; 30,20, 10; 20, 10; 10 using the same exercises as before.

Instead of circle of trust (we had 20 minutes to go), Q decided on “Circle of Pain” with each PAX calling out a block exercise for 15 reps.  Here’s how the exercises went: Calf raises, Burpees (Banjo loves calling these out), Skull crushers, Kettle bell swings, Simbas (hold block straight out in front until each PAX count to 15), Al Gores (Simba style), Block American hammers – in cadence – did anyone tell Snips that’s 30 each side (guess 120 reps during 4 corners wasn’t enough for Snips), Mosey around entire soccer field carrying our little friend with us.

Moseyed back to flag with dirt and mud all over our backs – remember earlier comment.  This field is always wet.


Word of Day – Joshua 1:9 – Have I not commanded you?  Be strong and courageous.  Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.  Discussed fear and the fact that in some modern Bible translations, fear not, do not fear, etc. is listed over 100x.  Think the Lord is trying to tell us something.  We need to be strong for our God, family, Churches, work.  Also we need to be courageous spreading the Good News of Jesus, knowing that God is always with us.


It’s always a pleasure leading these Granite Strong men of God!

2 Ply out






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