#Oddball at Star

  • When: 03/23/17
  • QIC: HBC
  • The PAX: Cable Guy, Binary, Hotlips, Part Time, HBC

YHC decided to rehash a workout that he last did at Hurler by bringing it to # this am. 5 faithful departed from warm beds in order to meet in the 39 degree gloom. Once again, we don’t get up for easy.

The Thang:
Dynamic Ascending Ladder Warm Up IC
ATT X 10
Run 100yds
SSH X 20
Run 100yds
Hillbillies X 30
Run 100yds
Lil’ Arm Circles X 40
Run 100yds
Overhead Claps X 50

Mosey over to the bank parking lot for Descending Ladder Circuit OYO
10 X Merkins, 10 X Star Jumps, 10 X Jimi Hendrix
9 X Merkins, 9 X Star Jumps, 9 X Jimi Hendrix
8 X Merkins, 8 X Star Jumps, 8 X Jimi Hendrix
…continue this pattern until completing 1 X Merkin, 1 X Star Jump, 1 X Jimi Hendrix

Mosey around the back of Lowes to the front and form up into teams of 2 for ascending ladder
Corner 1
Team Merkins X 10
Team Squats X 10
Team Burpees X 10
Team Crunches X 10
Plank until all PAX complete

Run to Corner 2
Team Merkins X 20
Team Squats X 20
Team Burpees X 20
Team Crunches X 20
Plank until all PAX complete

Run to Corner 3
Team Merkins X 30
Team Squats X 30
Team Burpees X 30
Team Crunches X 30
Plank until all PAX complete

Run to Corner 4
Team Merkins X 40
Team Squats X 40
Team Burpees X 40
Team Crunches X 40
Plank until all PAX complete

Run back to Corner 1 (Corner 5)
Team Merkins X 50
Team Squats X 50
Team Burpees X 50
Team Crunches X 50
Plank until all PAX complete

Mosey back to the Star parking lot

Nice work men! Mumble chatter was in full force at the beginning and then tapered off by the end of the WO. And that included YHC…man he’s tired. Several observations:
1) Binarys version of Hillbilly’s is extremely entertaining (but trust YHC, you don’t want video)
2) We have no guitar players at Star, electric or otherwise, and thats a shame…still searching for someone who shreds(#F3HickoryBand).
3) During the warmup, YHC made a comment about Cropdusters encouragement to keep cores tight. So on every exercise after that (and YHC does mean all), Hotlips felt the need to remind the PAX to do so.
4) These are some tough dudes…every last one of them. And YHC is glad that he has brothers like these.

We closed with a reading from James 1:2-4 and a reminder that we are all going to face trials. But through the trials of life God can teach us persevere:
“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

As always, an honor to lead

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I got tired just reading this! Thanks for the SHOUTout, Starmen! #corestight

Hello Hootie – reply on the next back blast (Peaches)

Ima gonna start a new exercise – called the Cropduster. #tablesquats



I don’t know what a #tablesquat is but I already like them (I think). Aye!


A Cropduster, aka a #tablesquat is all about the Hops.

1. First consume a few HOPs at watering hole of choice
2. Have PAX call for the #oldman to do squats [thinking YHC has bad form]
3. HOP up on table and show said PAX a set of good form squats on table top. #inyourface
4. Collect $1 bills from Cousin Eddie’s mouth [yep, it happened]

Ladies and Gentlemen – I present to you The Cropduster!

[OK, if Humpy gets his own exercise then this #RespectRespect should have one too]


This could be an issue since YHC is an IPA man, so let me suggest:

1) Consume Hops (double IPA, even better)
2) As PAX calls for oldman squats, quickly change the subject
3) Yell “FIRE” if oldman even hints at jumping up on a table
4) Hand Cuz $1, or better yet just give him the contents of YHCs wallet to just quietly walk away.