Arrow 29MAR2017

  • When: 03/29/17
  • QIC: Fuse
  • The PAX: Humpy, Herniator, Markup, Taz, Hot Lips

50ish degrees and dark, perfect running conditions.

Run up 127, Right on 29, somehow end up at Eleanor, run up once if you’re sain, twice if you’re not, somehow end up at 21st Ave, run up the big hill heading towards 127, Right on 127 and go home.  We ended up with 4.9 miles, the OCD few ran laps around the parking lot to make the data on their watches pretty.



Jesus was not changing the Father’s mind about us; he was changing our mind about God – and thus about one another. If God and Jesus are not hateful, violent, punishing, torturing, or vindictive, then our excuse for the same is forever taken away from us.

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