Post & Pre Storm RAM

  • When: 03/31/17
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Crop Duster, Hot Lips, Cousin Eddie, Taz, Flamer, Patti Mayo, Duece, Friar (Q)

YHC received the text late Monday from Bing that he needed a substitute and I was excited to fill in. Knowing what the weather was supposed to be, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to no rain; so I hopped into the car and began the trip down a dark 321 all the way to Hickory. I arrived with 7 other men and began.


  • ATT ICx10
  • Humpies ICx10
  • LAC ICx10
  • Rev LAC ICx10

A Mosey down 8th to the Y

  • SSH ICx15
  • Imperial Squats ICx? (We all pretty much lost it watching each other; it was mentioned I needed to go to Q school! Thanks Taz! But YHC got ’em back!)
  • Merkins ICx10

Mosey from 8th to 4th and begin the ascent to Oakwood Elementary (WHAT A HILL!!!)

  • Wide Arm Merkins ICx10
  • Mountain Climbers ICx10
  • Sphinx Merkins ICx10 (The PAX really whined about this one! That changed to laughter when I said Plank taught me that one! Sorry Plank, take it up with Cuz and Hot Lips!)

Mosey from Oakwood and turn right on Main Ave SW to Union Square

  • Stepups ICx10
  • Box Jumps 10 OYO
  • LBCc ICx10
  • RBCs ICx10

Mosey to 2nd turn into Bass Smith to parking deck for some Ab work

  • Pretzels ICx10/leg
  • American Hammers ICx10 (took a while b/c Duece and Crip were chatting like two school girls)

Mosey up N. Center St, miss my turn on 5th, turn onto 6th instead, left on 127, to 8th, back to flag. (YHC notes: thanks Flamer for leading us back after my missed turn. Crop is getting some anger issues in his old age. Thought he was going to go knock on the guys’ house on 127 with the overgrown hedges!)


  • James 4:14; funeral for Gragg men at church showed that though life is short we can do a lot to impact others with it!


  • New temporary A/O for hill training coming on Tues. & Th. See Taz.
  • Remember Konvergence. See Crop Duster.
  • Lenoir starting a Tues. A/O this Tues. See Snips or YHC.

Thanks men! It was my 1st Q at and I was nervous about holding up and providing y’all a good workout! Thanks to Taz for the encouragement mentioning my improvement from my 1st appearance  at .

I always love the encouragement and company from you all.  You guys always push me to my limits and I’m better for it!

See y’all Monday!

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