Running Circles Together

  • When: 04/05/17
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Crop Duster, Band Camp, Udder Butter, Double Bogey, Old School, Friar (Q)

It was a nice breezy morning in Granite Falls, today. A perfect day for the 6 PAX who posted to run in the early morning gloom.

Prayer requests were made  Devotion from Psalm 73:25-28   And we were off!

Here is our route:

  • Take off from flag and turn left on Dudley Ave.
  • Left on School Ln.
  • Hang a left and head up Highland Ave.
  • Run across Main onto W. Highland Ave
  • Take a left onto Grandview
  • Left on Laurel Street (horrible hill!)
  • Left on Lakeside
  • Cross Main and take the right back to flag.
  • Shorter route (2.5) stops, longer route (5.1) rinse and repeat


  • Crop pulled a Polish victory lap and ran 2nd lap in reverse direction. YHC references the late stock car driver Alan Kulwicki; but Crop had no idea who that was, so maybe he is not old enough to remember him! In all seriousness, this man is an inspiration to me and just about anyone he meets. He makes me a better runner and man every time I’m around him. Thanks for taking care of DB out there and pushing him!
  • Way to go UB for getting back out there after a shot in back yesterday and all the back trouble the past two weeks.
  • Band Camp you are a beast and somehow drug me the entire way with you! Thanks for the coaching and encouragement and the offer to take YHC out on the track sometime.
  • Old School! Great work, today! Not only did you post to your first boot camp in a while at #PrisonBreak but came out today and gave it your best on that 2.5 mile lap this morning!
  • Double Bogey, you are a champ in the making! Keep hanging with Crop and you will learn a lot about running and classic rock, both essentials for F3! Totally impressed with all of your progress this last month! Keep it up!
  • As for myself, I pushed myself hard today trying to get under 45:00 and missed it by :26! Thanks BC for trying your best to help and all of you guys who have helped me get better this last year!

Until next time, Friar out!

P.S. Did you read all of this Cuz and Crop?

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Of course I read it – all the way to the end. Cuz is on IR from reading BB because #herantheP200 WhoopDEEDoo!!

Your kind words about Cropduster were well received. Thank you Brother. Today’s course was just a bit tough – but you led us well up and down those dern hills!

Croppie out!