Flamer’s Redemption

  • When: 4/7/1977
  • QIC: Flamer
  • The PAX: Publix, Herniator, Suppository, Patty Mayo, Hot Lips, and Flamer

YHC apparently had the Q yesterday at Expresso and didn’t know about it because I obviously did not read the newsletter.  So Suppository called me out for some redemption on today’s Q.  Just for kicks I think someone should Q all 6 workouts in a week, I nominate Cousin Eddie.  That would be exhausting but entertaining.  Speaking of, where were you Cuz? Was this payback for me fartsacking on your Birthday?  And where was most of the Hickory Pax (sore from the hill running, saving the legs for The Kongvergence…none of which are good excuses).  Ever since the P200, I have been having some knee trouble just like Suppository so running workouts have been on the back burner for me but I had the Q and I wasn’t going to “pull a Cropduster”!

The Warmup:  Humpys x 10 IC (we don’t need no sticking warmups)

Mosey to the track

We ran a 100 meter, 200 meter, 400 meter, 800 meter, and 1600 meter (the top 3 finishers got to do an easier exercise the last 3 a harder exercise-see below)

100 M-10 Merkins/10 Burpees; 200 M-Little Arm circles/5 burpees; 400M-Little Arm circles/5 burpees; 800 M-Little Arm Circles/LBC’s; 1600 m-all pax do 10 Merkins

We ran another 800 meters by sprinting the straights and jogging the curves for 2 more laps

We got about 3.7 miles in total.  The pax, me included with my bum knee, started to show some exhaustion so I called some ab work.

Abs: LBC’s IC x12; Oblique situps each side IC x 10 (man those burn); Dying CR-x12; 6″ for about 1 minute

Mosey back to flag for some Birthday Merkins-40.  Yep that’s right YHC has joined the 40+ crowd.  See the rest of you old farts in the gloom!

WOD:  What is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?  Knowledge is to know that a tomato is a fruit…wisdom is to know not to put it in a fruit salad.  Proverbs 2:6 For the Lord gives wisdom; from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.  It’s our job to get into the Bible and study his word for knowledge then we need to seek after him and ask the Holy Spirit to give us the wisdom to use that knowledge for His Glory.  AMEN!

Crop, if you’re still reading this I’m sorry I will miss the Kong-vergence but I had planned a B-day get away a long time ago.  But have fun and do something in honor of Flamer’s 40th B-day!

From one old Fart to another peace out Brothers!


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Yep – Cropduster is here – always is.

I don’t know what you mean by “pulling a Cropduster”. I mean, if you want to pull Cropduster’s finger then get in line!

We will miss you [and most of the other Pax] at Kongvergence!

Happy 40th Birthday Flamer. You youngin’