Kong: The Beast Found

  • When: 04/08/17
  • QIC: Cropduster
  • The PAX: Short Sale, Beaker, Cousin Eddie, Recliner, Banjo, Abraham, HBC, Freud, Udder Butter, Twig, 2-Stroke, Charmin, Kleenex, Bogey, Doc McStuffins, Has Been, Dough Boy, Humpy, Scrubby, Squints, Peaches, Patti Mayo, Castaway, Bing, Retread, Midol

F3Hickory has enjoyed 3 years as being a part of the F3Nation.  Today we celebrated with our Anniversary Convergence – KONG!


First off – I may have left some folks off the list.  We had a revolving door at KONG as some came early for the run and then left, some came at 8 for bootcamp and left early and 12 were there for food at the end.  Plus I am #WarDaddy so there’s a bunch of excuses for leaving anybody off.  Y’all add anybody in comments that I missed.


A team of 7 of the Top Scientists on Planet Earth were gathered to guide the PAX through a set of training camps that would prepare us for the task of finding this BEAST that had been reported to inhabit Skull Island (aka CVCC).  But before the 7 started their drills, Cropduster led the #earlybirds on a running tour of our AO for the day and then we headed down CVB for some movie watching and shopping.  OK, we actually ran by Carmike Cinemas (where KONG is currently playing), then past Target, Best Buy, and a bunch of other stores.  Then we headed to the parking deck at the mall – up, over and down and then did a bunch of LBCs while waiting for the 6.  Then we finally arrived back (after 5 miles) to CVCC which had been miraculously transformed into Skull Island!


Scientist #1 – Cropduster led us in a welcome and warmup.  It was fun leading the men in exercises for the purpose of getting our muscles warmed and our heads in line for finding and capturing the BEAST.  We did all the usual stuff (SSH, Merkins, ATT, IST, etc)


Scientist #2 – Short Sale and his crew from The Mount then led up for some Gorilla crawls up the Western Peak of the island, some squats, some drills aimed at us learning how to swat down planes while we were climbing up the Empire State Building, some ab work – we all need to keep our cores tight, no?, and other creative craziness.


Scientist #3 & 4 – Beaker and Cousin Eddie led the PAX in a lively game of Ultimate Frisbee in the very same field where F3Hickory began 3 years ago.  This drill was aimed at helping out speed and agility as we would soon be in the jungle chasing down this #bighairyape known as Kong.  We had one BIG collision with no permanent damage.  I learned who the real ultimate players are – and it ain’t me.  This involved a lot of cardio, agility, focus and fun!


Scientist #5 – Recliner had us mosey all the way across the island and when we finally arrived we did flying squirrels, squats, lunges, monkey humpers, Kong-key kicks, runs and other stuff that I can’t remember – delirium was beginning to set in and no sign of the BEAST yet.


Scientist #6 – Banjo then got real mean and had us pair up and do weight lifting and the bottom of a very steep hill, then run backwards up said hill and do squats at the top while our partner did the block work.  Then we would switch-eroo!  Curls, OH Press, Bent over Rows.  Then we did wall sits with Muhammed Alis, Itsy Bitsy Spiders, Australian Mountain Climbers.  Then we did all this stuff again.  Then he had us do box jumps, tricep dips, then tricep dips all again.  There may have been more cause #junglefever was overtaking the folks..


Scientist #7 was to be Abraham, but he turned it over to his under study HBC because he had tweaked his hammy and the SMR is looming big on the horizon.  HBC/Abe had us run around the quad while doing fist bump merkins, burpees, bunny hops, squats, balls to the wall (while holding said balls for 10 seconds) and box jumps – several times over.  We thought we were beginning to catch a glimpse of the BEAST but our eyes were clouded over from all the movements.  So we ran back to the CRAZY BIG hill where it all began for this:

Backwards Bear Crawls up the CRAZY BIG HILL, then run back down for some Merkins.  We were supposed to do this 10 times and thy remaining PAX called MUTINY and did 10 / 2.


If you are reading this and if you were there, please do me the favor and filling in the blanks where I can’t remember all who was there and all we did.  I didn’t ask everyone to give me a weinke because, well, I just didn’t.


My lovely M – Sweet Tea and my son OneManBand brought us breakfast – Bojo’s biscuits, oranges, bananas, a box of coffee, chocolate milk, bars, water and maybe other stuff – T-Claps to Sweet Tea and OMB!


Banjo led us in our COT with a story of a man and his son who built a toy boat and enjoyed sailing it, then one day the boat drifted away and couldn’t be found.  Then after they were in town and  saw the same boat they had made for sale in a store window.  The boy wanted to go in and get his boat, but his dad said they must purchase the very boat that they had made.  Folks we are God’s creation.  We tend to drift away from our Creator.  Then he has chosen to buy us back with the life of His son Jesus.  Made me weep to type those words just now.


Did we find the BEAST?  You bet we did!


After running 5 miles and doing a bootcamp workout for 2 hours – you can bet we found the BEAST – and it was within us all along.  The BEAST of endurance when the road gets long and hilly.  The BEAST of encouragement when a Brother needs a hand.  The BEAST of determination when the task before us seems insurmountable.  The BEAST of Brotherhood when we need someone to hang with us and listen.  The BEAST of fellowship after we have completed the task and want to sit, eat and reflect over the course of the past 3 hours.  The BEAST of bonding with a fellow traveler on this lonely planet.


Yes, the BEAST lives within us!  And on Saturday, April 8 2017 the BEAST was made even stronger – and today on Sunday the BEAST is resting and taking Alleve!


KONG lives!


OK, I think I am done because I’ve got to get back to the couch and rest up for this afternoon’s run.  Who wants to go with this #wardaddy ??


And finally – can you believe I made it all the way through this back blast without even one use of the letter “K” instead of a “C”.  I am proud of myself!


Kropduster out!  🙂

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