Deck of Doom Dealt Out In Lenoir

  • When: 04/11/17
  • QIC: Friar
  • The PAX: Snips, Double Bogey, Twin, Goodwill, PBR, Audit, Klink (FNG), Friar (Q)

We have a lot of newbies here in Lenoir, and so every time I Q here I try to introduce them to something new. So, I decided to shuffle the poker cards and deal out some major pain this morning in the gloom.


  • SSH ICx15
  • Humpies ICx15
  • LAC ICx15
  • Rev. LAC ICx15

Enough warming up, get to work!

Mosey up Harper to parking lot by medical office (a place that’s taken much of my money!) and a brought out the pack of cards!

Deck of Death – deal out 4 cards, each suit represents an exercise and the number is reps. J = 11, Q = 12, K = 13, & A = 14 (PAX whined a little about A should be 1; but YHC did not relent!)

  • Hearts – Burpees
  • Diamonds – Merkins
  • Spades – Squats
  • Clubs – LBCs
  • TOTAL OF 104 Burpees, Merkins, Squats, and LBCs

What better way to continue after this than to make a lap around a couple city blocks?!?!?! We continued up Harper Ave, left on Church St, left onto West Ave, left on Willow back to flag.

To my delight, we still had plenty of time; so we continued with:

  • IST ICx15
  • Hillbillies ICx15
  • Ankle Touches ICx15
  • WWII Sit-ups ICx15
  • X-Factor ICx15
  • American Hammers ICx15
  • Freddie Mercury ICx10


YHC read from Hebrews 12:1-2. Jesus is author and perfecter of our faith, any attempt outside of Him to reach God is futile. he saw it a joy to give His life so we can be called brothers and friends! Though our bodies may feel out of gas, knowing this will really fuel us up!

I just have to, again, say how impressed I am with these men! Major improvements in the short time we’ve been together! Honored to Q this morning! Also, no one pulled a flaming crop duster when they realized how many burpees was going to happen! Cuz and Crop can give you the details in the comments; however, since they are probably the only ones to read down this far, I’m not sure if it will matter!

Peace, brothers! See you Saturday at the Den! Crop promises revenge!

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Cousin Eddie

Flaming Crop Duster – when the Q calls something, you can’t handle the workout and you’d rather leave the workout and go sip coffee somewhere.