F3ch Body Workout

  • When: 4/13/17
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Doc McStuffins, Sweet Heat, Short Sale, Dough Boy, Steam Engine, Has Been

7 PAX made their way to the gloom for a pre-bunny cake Easter egg hunt of pain, with the Easter eggs being big heavy blocks….and we used them…..a lot.

The Thang…

Started off with a bit of the usual….

Side strattle hops, alternating toe touches, humpys.

YHC had planned the whole workout for up on the hill but was unaware that Short Sale had moved the block pile closer to the parking lot. This added a whole unplanned aspect of pain to the workout but we r all better for it. Everyone grabbed a block and we proceeded to mosey, with the blocks, toward the hill by the store. Pit stop #1 along the way for 10 squats and a breather. Continue block mosey wall for the following….

15 3ct incline merkins

15 3ct bench dips

10 3ct decline merkins

Continue block mosey to corner and partner up and drop down to one block per set of partners. Continue around corner to bottom of hill and one partner works with block while the other partner runs to top of hill in parking lot does 5 merkins and comes back to……

100- Over head press

200- Bench press

300- Curls for the girls

After everyone finished we mosey’d back to our lonely blocks for a little four corner amrap.

Corner 1-20 BLBC’s (block LBC’s)

Corner 2-20 Merkins

Corner 3-20 LBC’s

Corner 4-Merkins

Rinse and repeat for about 12 mins or so. After that we slowly block mosey’d back to the new block pile and deposited our blocks.

COT- YHC talked about the song “watch the lamb” and how it pertains to Easter and Jesus being the lamb of God. We also talked about the true meaning of Easter amidst all of the food and family and eggs, and peeps (those things are gross, almost as gross as the hard marshmallow eggs that come individually wrapped, you know what I’m talking about….but I digress). YHC hopes that everyone has a great Easter and safe travels to everyone who may be on the road!! Always a pleasure Mountain View!!

Patti Out


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