How Much Does a Brick Weigh After Carrying it for 45 Minutes?

  • When: 04/18/17
  • QIC: Peaches
  • The PAX: Cousin Eddie, Root, Freud, Squints, Jordace, Flamer, Humpy, Sooner, Powder, Kapowski, Gasser, Beaker

Spring is here, which means that yard work has been added back to the weekly to-do lists. I say this as if I have a great deal of experience in this, but in reality, this is my first spring as a homeowner, meaning its the first spring I’ve been responsible for taking care of an entire yard. Nevertheless, shovels, garden rakes, and more have all been purchased, and the mowing, digging, planting, and brick laying has begun.

In lieu of Spring, YHC was digging up some nasty monkey grass and discovered a significant amount of bricks buried in the ground. At first, I asked myself what in the world I was going to do with all these old bricks since I’m not on the Q list for Expresso anytime soon and don’t have the luxury to dispose of them in Cousin Eddie’s secret location. But not long after that, YHC remembered I had the Q at the coupon-less ! Free workouts are a major perk of F3, so I figured I’d share these freebies with all of my F3 brothers.

Today’s free workout, brought to you by Peaches, went a little something like this:

The Warm Up

  • SSH – IC x15
  • Windmills – IC x15
  • Alternating Toe Touches – IC x15
  • Humpies – IC x12

Mosey to YHC’s CRV to grab the coupons.

** NOTE: From this point forward, every PAX carried two bricks with them for all of the exercises **

Mosey to the side of Century Link

The Thang

  • Peoples Chair w/ the following add-ons – IC x20
    • Shoulder Press
    • Front Raises
    • Side Raises

Mosey to the grassy area in front of FBC Hickory

  • Curlz 4 Gurlz – IC x30
  • Hold a squat position w/ Muhammad Ali’s – IC x 15
  • Merkins w/ Alternating Shoulder Raise – 15 OYO (1 = Both arms)
  • Brickees – 10 OYO
  • Lunge Walk w/ Curl Press – There and back in grass area (I’d say it was probably about 30 yards one way)

Then the PAX got into two teams and competed in a good ole fashioned Brickbarrow Relay.

  • Each teamed had two PAX at a time participating. PAX 1 held a brick in each hand and walked on their hands while holding the bricks, while PAX 2 held their partners legs – hence the “Brickbarrow.” Other PAX were doing RBCs while they waited for their turn.
    • Both teams cycled through this until every Pax had finished. It turns out this attempt at a race was overshadowed by the pain that the Brickbarrow brought (at least it did for YHC) and no winner was declared.
    • Props to Jordache and Gasser who did an extra lap.

Short mosey to the corner in front FBC for some of the Abe/Sooner Special – The Four Corners

  • Corner 1 by the front FBC – 10 Burpees (the only workout of the am w/o the bricks)
  • Corner 2 by the Fellowship Hall of FBC – 20 Brick Swings (like Kettle Bell Swings)
  • Corner 3 across from McGuires – 30 Plank Jacks on the bricks
  • Corner 4 by that one dry cleaner – 40 Hallelujah Squats with the bricks

Due to time, most PAX did one full lap and got to Corner 3 on the second lap. We did, however, start on the 40 Hallelujah Squats. Props to Jordache, Freud, and Gasser for being fast (or maybe not knowing how to count) and doing 2 full laps and then some. That’s what happens when you’re fast!

After all PAX reunited, we moseyed back to the AO and closed in the WOD and prayer.

WOD – Ephesians 6:18

Prayer is something that many of us, especially myself, often overlook in our day-to-day lives. Paul reminds us, however, that we need to be in prayer all the time. But how? How do we pray at all times when our lives are so busy? What if it’s hard to find that quite time? The beauty of prayer though is that it doesn’t have to be the rigid “close your eyes, bow your head, and clasps your hands together” kind of prayer. Prayer can be as fluid as brushing your teeth. While in the process of writing their most recent album, the band and leadership of Hillsong prayed for specifically for that process everyday while they brushed their teeth. Maybe we don’t end up praying while we brush our teeth, but what if we focus on communing with God more often? What if we communicate with God while we’re driving, or while we shower, or while we’re on our way to our F3 AOs? Just imagine how different our lives might be, no matter how busy we claim they are.


  • Despite Cuz pointing out the smaller nature of my vehicle and it not being of the same stature of his ride, my CRV can, in fact, haul a good bit.
  • Upon first glance, Kapowski doubted that YHC had enough bricks to supply all the PAX. Fortunately, YHC always (for the most part comes prepared). The bricks had been loaded and counted the night before, and I even had Jordache get some bricks just incase our long lost brothers who’ve been MIA decided to post.
  • I still use a cheat sheet to help me remember my workout.
  • I remembered this time to say “Exercise” instead of “Begin.”
  • I really enjoy Q-ing and am grateful for the opportunity.
  • I also really enjoy writing backblasts.
  • At prayer time after the workout, we tried to figure out how much a brick weighed. We did not come up with a consensus, seeing as there are several different types of red bricks. We’ll just assume they weigh about 5lbs.
  • Hey Crop Duster!

As always, it was fun!



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Cousin Eddie

– Good Q
– After 3 years of Q’ing I still use a cheat sheet too
– It’s not the size of the ride, but the ride of the size in a man. Wait. What?

– Will CDuster read this before Friar?


Hello Peaches – thanks for the shoutout!
Hello CE – Friar actually glanced at this while we were sitting at 2ndF in Hudson today. But it doesn’t count unless he comments.

ps: I am Q’ing a run up a good looooong hill in the morning in Granite Falls. If you don’t POST we will add you to the lexicon. #droppingadeuce #smrtaper #whatever