Whipping Stick and Arrow Combined Backblasts

YHC is a little late with the backblast from so YHC decided to combine it with today’s backblast.

Whipping Stick – It was YHC’s first whipping stick post in at least six months.  The usual suspects were still there, and Jordache still showed up a few minutes late.

Quick Warmup – SSH and Humpys

Mosey around the parking lot.

Find a partner (jordache was solo)

One partner does exercises at the top of the stairs and does AMRAP of certain exercises while the other partner runs down the stairs to the bottom for 10 squats and then back up the stairs.

Exercises – WW2 Situps x100, Merkins x 150, SSHx200, Tricep Dips

Time for some ultimate

We did a few offense/defense drills.  If pass was incomplete or intercepted, thrower and offense did seal burpees, if the pass was completed defense did seal burpees.  Followed by a sprint with a long completion, incompletion=seal burpees.

5 Minutes of 2 vs 3 ultimate.  Friendly reminder Jordache, Beaker, and Tooth Fairy you still have 100 burpees to do.

WOD – Doubting Thomas

Arrow – YHC tweaked his hamstring playing ultimate at Whipping Stick, took it a little slow today and tried to avoid steep hills.  We did the “original route” in reverse.  Went across 127, in front of HHS, past LRU track, right onto Main Ave. through downtown, right on 6th street, back to Corinth.

We about left Part Time, it was his first time coming to Arrow and he parked on the other side of the parking lot (in his defense it does say entrance, in our defense it’s where we have always parked).

T claps for the 3 SMR goats that showed up today.  Congrats on the top 10 finish.

Announcements: Humpy needs 1 more for the Tuna Run in October.  Females in Action (FiA) is starting in Hickory this weekend tell your M’s.

WOD – This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you. John 15:13