I like big hills and I can’t lie

  • When: 04/27/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Paula Deen, Twig, Tator Hole, 2 Ply, Assid, Banjo, Bogey, Kleenex, Suppository, Cousin Eddie

Excerpt from Cousin Eddie’s diary:
Dear Diary,

Saturday: Post-SMR, I would have seriously used a walker if someone had offered me one…or if Abraham would just share his. 5 days to recover for Q.

Sunday: Legs still felt like jello. 100% sure that someone snuck in and tied Igloo’s Little Sand Babies to my legs while I was sleeping. Speaking of sleeping, I slept like a rock. Speaking of rock, we climbed over every single one from Brevard to Bryson City on SMR. 4 days to recover for Hurler Q.

Monday: Slept in. Up yours ER. Legs still felt jelly-like. Moved a total of 300 steps all day. I am not exaggerating. Ok, maybe a bit. 3 days to recover.

Tuesday: Legs still sore, but at least I was able to get off of the toilet unassisted by the surrounding walls. Posted for a beat down handed to me by Retread. It apparently was leg day, so I had that going for me. Thanks, Hippie. I just buried 6 quarts of oil in your backyard. Good luck finding it. 2 days to recover.

Wednesday: after being shamed by HBC when I mentioned that I might not post to Arrow the night before, I posted. Dammit. 5 miles down the hatch. 4 of the Speed Goats showed up, way to go guys. Donde esta the other goats? 1 day left.

Thursday: legs relatively non-sore. Time to Q at Hurler. Haven’t been up there in a bit, looking forward to seeing my boys from another noise. Wait, what? Whatever.

Here’s what we did:
Warmups. As much as I hate these, they were necessary to get the feeling back in my legs.
SSH – 15 IC
ATT – 15 IC

Mosey to block pile: Curls for Gurls – 30 IC

Take your block to the top of the hill by the post office (Men of GF, this needs a name) and leave it. Meet you at the bottom of hill.

5 burpees on your own.
Broad jump burpees to your block. If you get there before the six, burpee until they arrive. Suck level – 8

20 Overhead Presses – OYO

Mosey to the stop sign, plank for the 6.
20’ish RBCs

Along the way, Suppository pointed out that Twig’s face was a wee bit swollen. Dude apparently got stung between the eyes. T-wig, friendly reminder to use your bee keeper head gear.

Mosey to the bottom of Laurel Hill. It’s a big’n. Our very own Bogey got to select which direction we would head. Left was horrible, right was just slightly less horrible.
1 lap is 5 burpees at the bottom, 20 hand release merkins at the top. Kleenex thought I said ham release…I think he was hungry.

Repeat for 5 laps. Meet at the bottom.
Backwards run to the top of the hill. Winner gets to call the next exercise. YHC won. For the record, YHC was also the only one that actually finished this exercise. All others were DQ’d less than 1/2 up the hill.
YHC checked his watch to find that it was already 6:13 and we still had 1/2 mile to go and drop blocks off. Once again, I got a bit carried away w/ the exercises and lost track of time.
We’ll get to the rest of the workout soon enough.

WOD: “I shall run the way of Your commandments, For You will enlarge my heart.”
– Psalm 119:32

If you’re still reading, your name is Friar….sorry Crop, you’re on BB probation for your anti-SMR texts from this weekend.

Ed out.
Fellas of Granite Falls are doing great. Thanks for letting me Q today.

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1)Nice work showing up to Q Hurler after running Arrow on Wednesday morning Cuz. I’m not trying to start anything here (disregard…I am) but 3 guys from Van 2 showed up to run Arrow on Wednesday. Two of those did 170 Burpees on Tuesday at Star. 2)Cropdaddy needs to run the SMR. So do our other PAX. It would forever change their lives. It changed mine. The SMR is THE best CSAUP I have ever done….period. That had as much to do with the high quality of my teammates as it did with challenging and conquering a difficult course.

Even if I am on probation, I still did read the BB.

Shoutout to ME for telling you which hill to run up/down.

Glad y’all had fun on the SMR. I only misbehaved because I was jellyous!

I’m glad I didn’t show up for Star because i would def pulled a #flamingcropdaddy

Somebody give me my damn geritol and my shaw – the one with pic from the #stabbincabin embroidred on it. And my bedpan….damnit!!