Even Cyborgs have limits

  • When: 05/19/17
  • QIC: Cousin Eddie
  • The PAX: Suppository, Markup, Flamer, Friar, Thunderdome, Powder, Kleenex, Paula Deen, Sooner, Humpy - in honor of Papa Smurf, Double Bogey, Bandcamp, Herniator, Hot Lips, Phlegm (100% chance that this will be the most misspelled name in F3 history)

SHS x 15 IC
Mosey to baseball field for burpees:
20 @ 1st base, 15 @ 2nd base, 10 @ 3rd, 5 @ home

Mosey to tiny parking lot for
Russian Twists: 15 IC
Pretzels: 8 one side, 7 other side*

Mosey to Civitan Park for BOM…BS
Start a 10 burpees, sprint up BAH (big ass hill**), back down
15 Overhead claps, spring up BAH**
20 Big Boys, repeat hill**
25 Squats, hill**

Mosey to HHS hill, sprint halfway up, go back, sprint back up, continue mosey to shovel flag. Circle up.

1 Samuel 18:1, 2 Samuel 1:26 – both speak on the value of friendship. Keep it in mind as you go through your day.

* we did not end up running in circles after the asymmetrical pretzels
– took a minute to remember what the 2nd B in bombs is – Big Boys!
– Q: is there anything that’s easier than 15 Overhead Claps?
– A: yes, but you’ll have to post to Powder’s ER this Monday. His Q’s are the equivalent to 45 minutes of overhead clapping w/ LBC’s thrown in the mix. For real, I’ve seen people steep tea and break more of a sweat than when he’s Qing. Powder, take this as a challenge for Monday’s Q….
** You older guys remember when the best athletes competed in the Slam Dunk contest? Who can forget Nique getting robbed by MJ? Seriously, go back and look at the video. That was the start of “MJ can do no wrong, except by Cousin Eddie” for the world, but I digress. The world’s best athletes simply just competing to best each other. Well, as we know today’s athlete is a bit more of a diva. Lebron wouldn’t consider entering the Slam Dunk contest and Herniator, Thunderdome, and a few others (Suppository?) wouldn’t consider running up BAH. Is it an innate fear that they will lose to Markup’s deceivingly semi-moderate speed? Maybe. Did they not want to get any dew on their fresh kicks? Probably. Is it because they saw Cousin Eddie fall 3 times down BAH? Maybe – true story by the way. 3 times! Or is it because they don’t want to do anything stupid that may end in a sprained ankle? Most likely. Either way, they took what will be forever known as the Fia Stairs up the hill. Did they still all smoke the rest of the Pax? Maybe, but they cheated. Also would like to point out that Herniator didn’t even go up the stairs on the last leg…..is it because he forgot to oil his joints before starting and didn’t want his Cyborg legs to rust? Definitely.
– Percent chance that Herninator has ever read a BB? 4%
– If you’re on facebook, please go look at Hot Lips’ feed. The dude is in black face with his M. Kinda weird sir and further proof that you need a name change to Mary Kay.
– Have you noticed that SP always has the shovel flag in the ground? Thank you sir and other AO Q’s take note and get your flags out.
– my sprint up HHS hill may have looked like a 70 year old lady could have passed me, but it was about all I had left in me. The SASH is getting to me.
– SASH = Swamp Ass Summer Humidity
– always a pleasure
– still reading? Good day Friar and Crop.

Ed out.

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Great job this morning but I hope the coach does not come to work until later today…… by the way, several of us used the stairs due to multiple reasons. Mine was not wanting to get hurt! Herniator did not run up the last time because he finished so far ahead of you that he did not want to plank that long so he ran extra. 🙂