Super (Maybe) 21’s

  • When: 5/18/17
  • QIC: Doughboy
  • The PAX: Sweet Heat, Steam Engine, Has Been, Doc McStuffins, Short Sale, Doughboy

This was YHC second Q and he was hoping that it would go better than the first (the first ended early for YHC with a lower leg injury). Glad to say that all was good this time and no one got hurt.

Warm Up:
Side Straddle Hop x15 in cadence
Alternating Toe Touches x12 in cadence
Little arm circles (Has Been special) x15 in cadence
Windmills x12 in cadence
Imperial Store Troopers x15 in cadence

After the warm up we moseyed to the parking lot at Walgreens for our Super 21 work-out. Since YHC wanted to see the progress, we started with 21 and worked our way down to 1. At the bottom of the hill, we did Merkins, ran up the hill to the flat parking lot and did squats. Bottom of the hill was all Merkins and the PAX did 231 this morning. At the top of the hill, I decided to break up the squats so we did them for 21 – 12 and then switched to WWII sit-ups. PAX did 165 squats and 66 WWII sit-ups.
To be honest, I was worried if we would be able to complete the whole set in time, but the mighty men of The Mount were up to the challenge.
Since we had a few minutes left, we headed to the block pile for some additional work.
Curls for the Girls to Overhead Press x20 OYO
American Hammers (with the blocks) x10 OYO

Count off

Word of the day was based on a comment made by Abraham a couple of weeks ago during church. To paraphrase, the comments were around the fact that the Industrial Revolution took the dad out of the home and into cities for work. Prior to this, the father was at home (mostly as a farmer) and the children worked alongside the father and learned from the father’s teaching. That has changed and today the father works all day and brings home not his teaching but his temperament. It’s so easy for us to bring home work and the things that are impacting us and let that impact our relationship with our children rather than teaching our children. Here was my challenge to myself as well as the men of The Mount – Are your children receiving your teaching or your temperament?

After this, we reviewed some designs for an F3 shirt for The Mount, being developed by Sweet Heat.

*Posted by Short Sale on behalf of Doughboy

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