How many bricks do I need?

  • When: 05/22/2017
  • QIC: Powder
  • The PAX: Beaker, Weeblo, Flamer, Cuz Eddie, SP, Retread, Fuse, Sleeper, Twig, Friar, Kapo, Phlegm

After getting chastised by a few of the PAX leading up to YHCs Q, I was ready to bring it. YHC had not Q’d in awhile so a plan was made before hand. YHC was going to need some coupons for the workout and was going to go get them from Espresso Sunday night, well the pouring rain changed that plan. The audible was to get them at 5am prior to the Q. In saying that….. YHC does not think very clearly at 0505 (especially after a baby wakes him up a good bit in the middle of the night) and it showed when not enough coupons were picked up.

***Side note*** Cousin Eddie was right beside YHC and he counted and said “YES that’s enough”. Needless to say we only had half the amount YHC had planned on getting.

OH Well…. here is how it went short 2 bricks


1 lap of old ER and stop at top of 2nd staircase.

The Thang

Partner up (this is where we realized we didn’t have enough bricks) YHC instructed PAX that bricks could not be placed on the ground during the workout or it was 10 burpees.

P1 run down to bottom of stairs across and back up

P2 (With bricks) AMRAP of each exercise till P1 got back and switch-           Curls, Overhead Clap, Arm Extensions, Arm Circles

Wall Sit for the 6

Mary (still bricks can’t touch the ground)- WWII sit-ups, 6″, American Hammer

Round 2

P1 down stairs

P2 Squats, Merkin w/ a row, lunges

Ran out of time for additional exercise but waited on the 6 to do 10 burpees IC



1 Corinthians 13: 4-7. Replace the word Love with your name and then read to see how we should be acting.


YHC felt like an idiot for not counting correctly but regardless the PAX rolled with the punches and kept going. It is always fun to try and take on the concrete beast and this morning was no different. YHC wanted to make it hard, because we don’t get up for easy, but fell a little short by forgetting the bricks. The good thing is YHC has the Q on Thursday at Espresso so we will try it again.

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