Logs and Tires

  • When: 5/27/17
  • QIC: Patti Mayo
  • The PAX: Beaker, Abraham, Dough Boy, Tooth Fairy, Deuce(Charlotte), Patti Mayo.

Six men showed up this morning, including an out of towner from Charlotte (Welcome Deuce!!) for some good times and good work. Here’s how it went down….

Warm Up-

Side Strattle Hop-20

Alternating Toe Touches-20

Imperial Storm Troopers-17

The Thang-

We moseyed down to the softball field since the sprinklers were on on the baseball field. Yhc thought about going to the baseball field anyways but getting sick wasn’t on the agenda! Once on the field we started at home plate and you guys know the drill, especially Cousin Eddie cause I learned this from him when he was Qing on my first post at WS. 20 at 1st base, 15 at 2nd, 10 at 3rd and 5 at home plate. The exercises were: Squats, LBC’s, Burpees, and Merkins.

We then Mozeyd back up to the parking lot for the real fun!! Yhc had brought two logs with chains to carry, a big ol friggin tire, and a fairly heavy log. (Don’t worry Yhc had extra logs just in case there were more people!!) We paired off and a timer was set for 5 minutes. One set of partners was at the carrying logs with chains, one set at the tire and the other partners were at the heavy log. While one partner was either carrying the chain logs, flipping the tire, or lunge walking the heavy log, the other partner was doing YPYOP (Lexicon?!?!) ab work. YPYOP stand for you pick your own pain. Any an exercise was fine as long as it hurt!. The partner doing the heavy work would move their object from the base of the parking lot to the 4th pillar, drop or stop their object, run to the end of the parking lot and back to their object, then carry, flip or lunge walk their object back to their partner, at which time they would switch. After 5 minutes partners rotated one object to the right, until each set of partners had a chance to spend 5 minutes at each pain station (ps, the tire station got the most ab work, that thing was big ((that’s what she said))).

After that, we went to a circle parking lot medley! One partner would do the exercise while the other took a lap around the parking lot. Exercises were 300 LBC’s, 250 Merkins, 200 Flutter Kicks, 150 Squats. After that we took one more mosey around the parking lot and that took us to time.


YHC’s Sunday school lesson last week was on Gods way of doing things and focused on marriage. Marriage isn’t always easy and the world says if it’s not easy, stop doing it. God says if it’s not easy, work through it. Marriage is hard, kids are hard, life is hard. The decision you make on how you deal with it is as easy as you and the lord make it. It’s our job to be men….so be the man!!

Thanks for reading the whole thing Crop!!

Patti Out….

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